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What graduates are saying about this course:

"I have loved every minute of this course. My tutor was great - always made great points about my work, constructive criticism, praise where it was due, and always pointed me in the right direction, which helped immensely. Keep doing what you're doing, because it's great." Clemma Waddel, Write a Novel Course, August 2010

"I absolutely loved [my lecturer]. She was extremely motivating - I'm already having withdrawals. She is very insightful and I felt that she understood me and what I was trying to do with my manuscript. I loved working with her. Her feedback was always spot-on and she was very approachable. I think you guys are going an excellent job. The support is great." Lisl McLachlan, Write a Novel, August 2010

"I found the course structure and materials very user-friendly and clear. My lecturer/tutor was outstanding - had to wade through very long text installments and did so willingly, with energy and insight and without complaint! I think you have a great product and a great attitude." Ashley Symes, Write a Novel Course, May 2010

"I cannot say enough in praise of the Write a Novel course, and of my tutor Charlotte Randall. When I started the course my confidence in my writing was low - Charlotte put such a lot into my assessments, told me exactly what I was doing wrong, how I could improve - her criticism was always fair and she seemed like a kindred spirit - really understanding what I was trying to do with my characters and with my overall novel. Her feedback was always detailed and prompt, she answered all my questions thoroughly and gave so much extra help and advice. I could not have asked for a better mentor and I will really miss her now that the course is over. Thank you Charlotte." Kathleen Jackson, Write a Novel Course, February 2010

"I really enjoyed the course information. It was easy to read, enjoyable to read and really succinct and practical. My tutor made the course. She was incredibly supportive and encouraging yet insightful and challenging. Thank you so much." Helena McCloud, Write a Novel Course, November 2009

"The course was very well presented, easy to follow and very helpful. I feel that I have learnt a substantial amount, and that my writing has improved drastically. My tutor has been a pleasure to deal with. She was enormously helpful in each of the modules, and I feel that I have a much broader understanding of what it means to be a writer now than I ever did. She is inspiring and manages to critique in a manner which does not offend." Write a Novel Course, Michelle Marais, April 2010

"The course content is excellent as it provides very useful writing exercises but encourages you to write your novel at the same time. I like the fact that the emphasis is not on personal introspective analysis. Diane provided invaluable advice and support. I can honestly say that without the course and Diane's incredible support and input, my manuscript would not have been written. I have enjoyed the experience and I feel that my writing has improved substantially." Hazel Carlstein, Write a Novel Course, March 2010

Our testimonials are from students we have trained from all over New Zealand, from Northland to Auckland, Christchurch to Dunedin. We also have registered students from Perth, Sydney, Canberra, the Pacific Islands, Canada, USA, UK and Europe.

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