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What graduates have said about this course:


“The course met my objectives and went beyond them. It was more challenging and at the same time more rewarding than I expected. Karen has been instrumental in encouraging and supporting me to improve and go beyond what I thought I could do. She is definitely a motivating force! I think everything is run really well, the tutors are friendly and helpful and the courses are relevant and interesting. Keep up the good work!” Angela Pearse, Writing for the Web Course, November 2010

“This course covered a lot more than I expected and each assignment was a challenge for me – which was great. The notes and links supporting the learning were very good. Karen’s approach is both professional and friendly. Her knowledge in a new and ever changing medium is amazing and she made it seem attainable for me. It was a pleasure to have Karen as my tutor.” Chris Snelling, Writing for the Web, September 2010
"The course was very informative and I learned a lot which I can apply immediately. Karen Lotter was excellent and her feedback was honest and direct which I appreciated. She really knows her field and she was a really pleasant tutor to have." Owen Bell, Writing for the Web, June 2010
"I really enjoyed the course and it improved my writing overall which is great. Although it was sometimes difficult to fit it into my work schedule, I've never enjoyed studying as much as with this course. Karen is really great. She really gives you a lot of confidence in your work and is always willing to help you out. You can tell she really loves what she does." Tessa Wrench, Writing for the Web, June 2010
"Karen Lotter is an excellent teacher. I appreciate her ability to explain complicated issues in a simple way, easy to understand. This is only possible if the teacher knows her stuff so well that the explanations are effective and simple - even I understood everything! I think you are a great school." Vivek Kohli, Writing for the Web Course, May 2010


Our testimonials are from writers we have trained on our writing courses from all over New Zealand, from Northland to Auckland, Christchurch to Dunedin. We also have registered students from Perth, Sydney, Canberra, the Pacific Islands, Canada, USA, UK and Europe.

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