Student Feedback about the Tutors

We are extremely proud of our tutoring team at NZ Writers' College. Our writing tutors are
full-time, professional writers who have won many writing awards, including Qantas Awards, Commonwealth Writers' Prizes, Montana New Zealand Book Awards, the Sir David Beatie Award, the Reed Fiction Award, Philip K Dick Memorial Award and the Arthur C Clarke Award.

Many have taught MA programmes in Creative Writing or Journalism at universities and polytechnics in New Zealand and Australia.

Here is feedback about them from their past students.



Award-winning New Zealand poet, Owen Bullock, tutors the Introduction to Poetry Course.

"I found my tutor Owen Bullock helpful and available, supportive and encouraging and also able to give feedback about things that I needed to develop.” Susan Green, Introduction to Poetry

"Owen gave very thoughtful and helpful feedback. He was honest but gentle, and I always felt encouraged and supported by him. Overall, it was an excellent way to study writing from home.” Dinah Mountier, An Introduction to Poetry Course

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Award-winning local journalist and bestselling author, Paul Smith, tutors the Magazine Journalism Course.

“I often thought how lucky I was to have Paul Smith as my tutor. I admired his teaching and writing skills, I appreciated his honesty and sensitivity and his generosity of time. I thoroughly enjoyed working with him.” Janet Hart, Magazine Journalism

“Paul was always very prompt with his replies. His feedback was always easy to understand and useful; I was dealing with someone who really knows his craft.” Oliver Pomfrett, Basics of Feature Writing Course

“My tutor Paul was absolutely fantastic - knowledgeable, personable, encouraging, fun. The course delivered beyond my expectations. I was very impressed with the levels of professionalism and expertise.” Linda Connor, Magazine Journalism

“Paul was such a great tutor! It is so great that writers can further their education outside of the universities and be offered such great, experienced tutors.” Melissa Parkes, Magazine Journalism

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Award-winning, Auckland-based travel writer, Yvonne Van Dongen, tutors the Travel Writing Course.

"Yvonne was fantastic! I really valued her feedback and she was extremely encouraging. She really added to my enjoyment of the course." Celeste Wood, Travel Writing Course

“Yvonne van Dongen far exceeded the expectations I had of a tutor. Her feedback was prompt, and always honest. She was strict but her comments made sense. She always encouraged me to do better and strive for more. She is a tutor that excels at her job, and it was a privilege for me to benefit from her vast knowledge of travel writing.” Christine Jeffery, Travel Writing Course

"Yvonne was excellent. She really knew what she was talking about and I held her opinion in high regard throughout. She was also very efficient at coming back with module feedback or to answer any queries. I was very impressed to have a Qantas Media Award winning journalist as a tutor." Natalie Maddigan, Magazine Journalism Course

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Award-winning New Zealand children's book author, Philippa Werry, tutors the Writing
Books for Children Courses

“The course has given me more confidence in my writing and in my ability to understand children's literature in depth. I am now determined to complete my manuscript.” Surani Ramachandra, Write a Childrens’ Book

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Award-winning novelist, Andrew Salomon, tutors the Write a Novel Course. He joined our team in early 2014.

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Award-winning author, Helen Brain, tutors several Creative Writing Courses.

"Helen is not only a gifted writer but an exceptional teacher. She has the ability to help you create writing pieces with heart and soul. She'll tell you if she thinks you're heading off in the wrong direction and encourages you to produce something more authentic that readers can connect with.” Suze Kolaczynski, Advanced Creative Writing

“Helen is a magnificent tutor that masterfully responds with the right critique that automatically inspires you to improve despite any shortcomings you might have.” Camilla Milford, Basics of Creative Writing Course

“Working with Helen was brilliant. She is great at giving encouragement and a good critique, so that good opportunity is provided for development. It was a fun, rewarding and challenging experience.” James Mortley, Basics of Creative Writing Course

“Helen is exceptional. She answered my questions when I struggled with certain areas of the course and gave me confidence and the will to keep writing. She is a very motivating tutor.” Carol Hook, Basics of Creative Writing Course

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Award-winning author of over 700 published short stories, Ginny Swart tutors the Short Story Writing for Magazines Course.

"Ginny's the best. She supported and encouraged me throughout and I'm grateful. She developed confidence in me which I never had before.” Stella Bopape, Short Story Writing for Magazines

Ginny was excellent. She allowed me to pursue my own agenda whilst keeping me within the confines of the course. Her feedback was specific and relevant to me, my writing and the course itself.” Simon Goodwin, Short Story Writing

“Ginny is an excellent tutor who surpassed my expectations and made it all an enjoyable experience. She offered lots of encouragement, fair evaluations and plenty of tips for improvement. Ginny responded quickly to my emails and assignments (I was anxiously waiting!).” Pamela Ferla, Short Story Writing for Magazines

"Ginny was terrific, she made it fun and had very insightful comments and great advice.” Lawrence Shaffer, Short Story Writing

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Edwin McRae

Ex-Shortland Street writer Edwin McRae tutors the Writing for Video Games Course.

"I had the pleasure of learning new skills under lead writer for the game Path of Exile, Edwin McRae, who passed on some of the most interesting tips and tricks for delivering captivating literature that I’ve seen to date. Edwin was very efficient and knowledgeable about the course material and the industry. He provided constructive feedback and provided examples from his own work experience.” Kyle Strong, Writing for Video Games Course

"Edwin is an excellent tutor and I have thoroughly enjoyed working with him." David Pearce, Writing for Vidoe Games Course

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Award-winning New Zealand journalist Sarah Lang tutors the Magazine Journalism Course.

"Sarah was a fantastic tutor – she provided detailed feedback on all my assignments and was extremely encouraging throughout the course. I have learnt a huge amount from her. She kept in regular contact so I stayed on track but she never rushed me. Being able to work at my own pace and do everything online has made it possible to complete the course while having a demanding full time job. I have learnt a lot about the basics of Magazine Journalism and have produced two articles I’m really proud of.” Kirstin Fisher, Magazine Journalism Course

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Karen Jeynes

Award-winning scriptwriter Karen Jeynes tutors the Scriptwriting Course.

"Karen was such a blessing! Knowing that there is someone on the other side with so much experience gives you so much confidence in approaching the assignments. The feedback I received raised my understanding of the whole scriptwriting process."
Ron Moller, Scriptwriting Course

Karen Jeynes is an excellent lecturer. The feedback I received from her on assignments was definitely the reason I managed to improve my writing over the six-month period. Karen continually encouraged me and increased my confidence, and I was able to complete the course successfully. Her criticism of work submitted was fair and she gave clear advice on how to overcome the writing deficiencies in my work. Passing the course had a lot to do with her tutoring skills.” Marinda Thurston, Scriptwriting Course

Karen is an excellent tutor who is swift with her responses and provides objective, constructive criticism that helps steer you in the right direction. Karen offers a great course. Her notes are comprehensive and contain information about additional reading that allows one to explore the field in more depth. She has a professionally trained eye that points out where your script fails and succeeds. She is great tutor who is willing to be honest and answer any questions you have along the way. The Writers’ College is a professional college that leads the field in writing courses. I would recommend writers from any field to invest in what they have to offer, in particular the practical application of what you learn." Hannah Green, Scriptwriting Course

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The award-winning writer Donna Dailey tutors the Travel Writing  Course.

"Donna was an exceptional tutor; her ability to hone in on the problem areas of my writing, and then guide me through to a better resolution was always spot on. I didn't know what to expect from my first ever online course and was pleasantly surprised at how a supportive a tutor can be using this method of learning. The high degree of professionalism of the tutor, combined with the scope and relevance of the course material, has made this a wonderful writing journey for me.” Gwen Mladenov, Travel Writing Course


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Susan Williams

Susan Williams tutors the
Business Writing  Courses.

Susan was an effective tutor. Her feedback was given in a constructive manner that was easy to understand. I found the elements of the course necessary for the professional world.” Samuel Loho, Business Writing Toolkit


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Mandy Speechly tutors the
Copywriting Course.

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Fiona Walsh tutors the
Press Release and Media Writing Course.

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Karen Lotter tutors the
Writing for the Web and Social Media Course.

Karen is the ideal tutor - her patience is unlimited and her knowledge of her subject is formidable. She was always there to advise and motivate me, but at the same time she encouraged me to find out things for myself. It was a very professional course, run by a very professional organisation. I can heartily recommend it!”  Lynn Smith, Writing for the Web

My tutor Karen was patient, thorough and motivating; she responded to my questions immediately. If you are wanting to improve your skills in any form of writing, the best way is through The Writers’ College.” Bridget Knight, Writing for the Web

Karen was a great tutor. She lives in the social media world and it shows. Her insight on the subject matter was obvious from the get-go and it was a pleasure to receive her even-handed, constructive feedback.” James Davie, Writing for Social Media Course

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Award-winning novelist Alex Smith tutors the Write a Novel and Literary Short Story Course.

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Lisa Lazarus

Lisa Lazarus tutors the Write Your Memoir Course.

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Sharon Davies tutors the Magazine Journalism Course.

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Sally Mazák tutors the
Break Through Your Writing Barriers Course.

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Sonny Whitelaw

Award-winning author Sonny Whitelaw tutors the Write a Novel Course and the Literary Short and Flash Fiction Course.

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Rosemary Hep÷zden

Auckland-based Rosemary Hepözden tutors the English Grammar for Writers course and the Copy-Editing and Proofreading course.

“Rosemary Hepözden is the best tutor a student can hope for. When starting the course I was expecting a replica of my Grade 1 English teacher, but I was in for a surprise. Rosemary has a wonderful sense of humour. She was patient with my many questions and corrected my English blunders without hiding a ruler behind her back. Thank you Rosemary!” Antoinette Diedericks, Grammar for Writers Course

“Rosemary was a wonderful tutor. I appreciated her boundless patience and encouragement. Through her depth of knowledge and enthusiasm, she made a subject that can be difficult, interesting and fun; that's very hard to do! The Writers’ College was efficient, friendly and supportive.”  Karen de Waal, Grammar for Writers Course

“My tutor, Rosemary, was really prompt with clarifications, explanations and marking the assignments. She was exceptionally kind, encouraging and approachable; I didn’t hesitate, even once, in asking her for explanations. I learnt a lot, especially the minute details of punctuation and grammar.” Jaya Singh, Grammar for Writers Course

“My experience with my tutor Rosemary was excellent! Her feedback was speedy and she provided positive reinforcement along the way. She had an answer to all of my queries.” Carl Gough, Grammar for Writers

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