Writing Course reviews for NZ Writers College 2008

“Overall, I enjoyed the course structure and content. I liked that I could work at my own pace. Mandy was very thorough with her feedback, as well as being friendly and helpful. She offered some good advice and encouraged me, her attitude made me feel very motivated and confident with each module. It was a positive and challenging experience that has improved my knowledge and understanding of the industry.” Louise Bartlett, Copywriting Course, December 2011

“A great experience . [My tutor was] knowledgeable and incredibly supportive. Fantastic course, well worth the money!” Kerryn Campion, Scriptwriting, December 2011 Enrol for a writing course at NZ Writers' College

“Brilliant course. Well structured, easy to work online while having access to a tutor. Nichola, your college ROCKS. Can't wait to do my next course.” Nicky Pearce, Magazine Journalism, December 2011

“Wonderful encounter, eye opener. My tutor was scrupulous and motivational. I see the college as the best in the field it has chosen to specialize in.” Bongile, Writing Coach Course, December 2011

“Susan quickly got me out of my shell and helped me enjoy every minute of the writing process. The course opened my eyes and gave me confidence to pursue this dream.” Wanda van der Wath, Writing Coach Course, December 2011

“The course is well worked-out and deadlines are within attainable time frames. The lecturer set a high standard for the work, but also offered sufficient advice when it was necessary. The Writers' College has given me the opportunity to broaden my knowledge and experience, without the inconvenience of attending classes or wasting time on subjects that were unnecessary.” Karen Joubert, Travel Writing Course, November 2011

"First of all Don Pinnock was fantastic. There were moments when I was ready to throw in the towel, but his honest critiques and gentle encouragement kept me going. He is a marvellous man! It was no walk in the park; very challenging and enlightening. Would love to do it all over again." Janine Grobler, Travel Writing Course, November 2011

"I really enjoyed the course. It was fun, challenging and critical. Usually online courses aren't very personal and lack quality feedback, but this was not the case with the  Writer's College. I received expert advice and guidelines. It was a quick and effective way to learn everything I needed to in order to realise my dream and become more confident. I'd recommend it to anyone and would do a different course in the future, too. I knew every second that I was in good hands and working under someone extremely talented and experienced. I also appreciated the bluntness and humour of my tutor. I know that he is a very busy man and I often thought that he might get a bit annoyed at my naivety, but he always got back to me immediately, after every assignment, with thorough advice. In only five months, you’ve helped me realise my dream and made it attainable." Roelien Steenkamp, Travel Writing Course, November 2011

"It really was great fun, and very stimulating. Took me back to Varsity days and theological college with the pressure of deadlines for submission! Ginny was great! May well do another course! She was mature and sensitive, with a wonderful sense of humour! Amazingly prompt with her feedback and knows her course extremely well! A very worthwhile experience, pitched at a very practical level, not too academic, and extremely stimulating. Strongly recommended." Ray Horocks, Short Story Writing Course, November 2011

"I really enjoyed the course and found it challenging. At times it was hard to motivate myself but having regular assignments kept me focused and up to speed. I really enjoyed working with my tutor Paul Smith. His guidance was inspiring for me and he always came back with constructive criticsm and/or encouraging feedback. I found the course easily accessible, the notes were clear and I feel like I have some really useful tools in my belt with the course notes and tutor feedback I have received." Amanda Bidwell, Magazine Journalism Course, November 2011

"A very pleasant learning experience. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and am finding what I learned very useful. The course was well set-out and easy to fit in to my busy life. Overall, it made a very positive, good impression on me. I would recommend it to others. I really did appreciate Helen's positive encouragement. She really did inspire me to be a better writer. It was excellent. No negatives at all. Keep up the good work!" Jenny Lovemore, Basics of Creative Writing, November 2011

"Helen is a brilliant tutor who gave me the 'push' I needed to improve my writing. She sees a student's true potential, and knows just the right way to bring it to the fore. Thank you Helen! I thoroughly enjoyed the course, and have become a better writer for it. Having now completed two courses with the college, the reason I come back is for the manner in which the courses are taught, the excellent tutors and the comprehensive course material." Bronwyn Katzke, Basics of Creative Writing, November 2011

"I loved the course! My tutor, Alex, was absolutely amazing, with her advice, encouragement, feedback. I did not expect such thorough feedback, so to say the least I was pleasantly surprised. I can highly recommend it and will advise any candidate to enroll and experience the care one gets." Deks Dekenah, Write a Novel, October 2011


"I have gained a lot from the course. There are so many mistakes [in our writing] that we normally take for granted and I have learnt from my mistakes. Very good College; would recommend it to anyone." Ncikazi Ngqokwe, Basic Grammar Course, October 2011

"The course was very easy to follow, enjoyable and more importantly, it was fun. People see writing as boring; this course shows it is a whole new world and an adventure. Helen was lovely. Always full of encouragement and praise. She was also quick to point out any mistakes or weakness as well, but always done in an encouraging fashion, and then on top of that, she will tell you how to improve on it, or how to fix it. You cannot do anything but improve under this sort of tuition. I enjoyed this course immensely and will request Helen again as my Tutor should I do another writing course. I will be back for more!" Michael Taylor, Basics of Creative Writing Course, October 2011

"The Writers’ College provides an informative and quality course. Karen is an excellent tutor who is swift with her responses and provides objective, constructive criticism that helps steer you in the right direction. Karen offers a great course. Her notes are comprehensive and contain information about additional reading that allows one to explore the field in more depth. She has a professionally trained eye that points out where your script fails and succeeds. She is great tutor who is willing to be honest and answer any questions you have along the way. The Writers’ College is a professional college that leads the field in writing courses. I would recommend writers from any field to invest in what they have to offer, in particular the practical application of what you learn." Hannah Green, Scriptwriting Course, October 2011

"I've found the course very helpful in terms of my job as a communications officer. I feel more confident of my writing of press releases now. The positive feedback of the tutor helped me a lot and encouraged me to think outside the box. She created an atmosphere that was conducive for learning. This course is value for your money, excellent if you don't have the time to physical attend a course. Great online services." Laticia Pienaar, Press Release Writing Course, October 2011

"When I started the course I was not very confident in my writing. I knew I loved to do it but wasn't sure if it was any good. With Helen's encouragement and the course material I now can see how my writing is stronger by using what I have learned. Many thanks. Helen was very helpful. I felt that I could contact her for any queries I had. Her response was always quick. When I had feedback from her I always felt encouraged to do better. Helen was always available and I especially liked the one on one interaction. I will be back for more. :)" Patty Donaldson, Basics of Creative Writing, October 2011

"I was impressed with the amount of information about the industry and felt like I will now be able start my writing career. It is an excellent way to improve your writing skills in a way that suits your time and pocket." Claire Kivedo, Magazine Journalism Course, October 2011

"I thoroughly enjoyed it and am actually signing up for the journalism course - can only mean bigger and better things! Very professional and I loved this. Thanks. The professional way in which this course was managed was impressive and I am privileged to have completed this course through The Writer's College." Yvette Farinha, Write Better Newsletters, October 2011

"I felt the course was set at the right level, and had exactly the right content for me. The notes and exercises flowed well and enabled me to progress. I felt my tutor’s feedback was always right on the mark and focused on what was important. I have been impressed with all aspects of the Writers College. It's not always easy to know what you are getting with an online course, but I was very happy with my course. It appears to be very professionally staffed and run." Suzanne Main, Basics of Creative Writing, September 2011

"The course content was very relevant and provided an excellent overview of all the different aspects of web writing. Karen was always prompt in replying to queries and provided sincere feedback. It was clear that she's an expert in the field. I would recommend the Writing for the Web course to anyone who is keen to explore the world of online writing, as it gives a good overview. The course content is relevant and up to date." Stephanie Laubscher, Writing for the Web Course, September 2011

"The course material was well designed, being challenging and yet interesting. It was a full satisfying course. Helen is very incisive in her evaluations, and assessments. She knew exactly when to put on the pressure or when to compliment. She turned my manuscript into a seamless story, honed and ready to print. It's a shame she won't be looking over my shoulder for the next one. An excellent, professional course that I would promote." Fred Robertson, Write a Children’s Book Course, September 2011

"I found the course very informative and relevant. It covered every aspect of travel writing and provided extra reading and tips that helped me. I spent many hours reading articles in the library and that gave me extra information that enhanced the course. I thoroughly enjoyed doing the course, and will recommend it to all. Yvonne van Dongen far exceeded the expectations I had of a tutor. Her feedback was prompt, and always honest. She was strict but her comments made sense. She always encouraged me to do better and strive for more. She is a tutor that excels at her job, and it was a privilege for me to benefit from her vast knowledge of travel writing. I want to add that I think the calibre of all your tutors is excellent. It is a very worthwhile course and expanded my knowledge vastly. I would love to do another course." Christine Jeffery, Travel Writing Course, September 2011

"The course was presented very professionally. Each module was clearly explained and very informative. It literally seemed to cover the most important aspects of writing a novel, and some other aspects that I had never thought of. I was pleasantly surprised by the input of my tutor. I found her comments really helpful, and constructive. I feel that with the ongoing commentary from the tutor throughout each module, I was able to stay focused on the different aspects (character-building; scene-setting etc). The module notes are a wonderful record which I can refer to at any time in the future as I continue to write. I am really glad that I took the plunge, and particularly that The Writers' College was the correct route to take. I have learnt a lot." Rosalynd Els, Write a Novel, Charlotte Randall, August 2011
"The course was challenging and enjoyable. My tutor was very motivating and encouraging. She was accommodating when I went through some personal setbacks. Without this encouragement, I would not have been able to finish the course. Studying with The Writers' College was great, and the practical element was challenging. The course really took me out of my comfort zone. I'm so glad I did this course and now I have a fantastic new lifelong skill!" Janice McKay, Magazine Journalism, August 2011

"It has been a fabulous experience working with Don. I appreciate the time he took, the comments, criticisms and most of all, the encouragement. This is a course focused on giving the basic, industry related information, without wasting time on irrelevant information." Bianca Preusker, Travel Writing Course, August 2011

"If I have to describe it in one word it would be WOW! I had high expectations of the course, but as I worked my way through the modules, they went above and beyond anything I could have imagined. I learned more than I ever could have expected. So I have to say thank you. Ah! Alex, what a lecturer. She approached everything I did with so much positive feedback. It’s been an absolute pleasure to study under her. Also having somebody who have written books guide me through the process meant so much more to me, especially because I'm going to write books too. You have a brilliant College. I've really been astounded by what your College has to offer. It's been truly amazing for me. I'm absolutely looking forward to my next course with you." Omri Pieterse, Grammar Skills Course, August 2011

The response time [of my tutor] was incredibly quick in general.  Also appreciated the specifics of advice. E.g. contacts in the industry. Overall I am very glad I took this course, and thankful to have had Don as my tutor. It’s an efficient, enjoyable and simple way to learn the basics of good writing.” Georgie Chennells, The International Travel Writing Course, July 2011

“I would definitely recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn more about various genres of writing. I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge. Just need to get published now - then I guess the proof will be in the pudding as they say!” Dee During, The International Travel Writing Course, July 2011

“The course was very insightful, helpful in clearing up things or misconceptions I had. Helped me be very clear about my writing. My tutor was very helpful and kind with regard to feedback on my modules. Very thankful to have had someone go the extra mile for me. Well worth my time and energy. Thanks.” Danielle Louw, Magazine Journalism Course, July 2011

“I had a need for basic training and the opportunity to grow as a writer. And this course provided it in an attractive, efficient and a no-nonsense way. The overall efficiency was excellent and made the work during the course very easy. My tutor was very, very good. I had quite a few email interactions and I found Helen to be very approachable and to the point with her comments.  She understood where I am going and directed me accordingly. Thank you.” Danie Markgraaff, Basics of Creative Writing, July 2011

“It was a very inspiring course. It was so nice to know that I don't have to just 'know' how to write and that help is available to teach and guide me. I really appreciated Helen's input; it made so much sense. Helen was so gentle when my work could have been better and so encouraging and motivating when it was good. She explained things carefully and made very valid suggestions. The course was a very positive experience that has introduced me to the world of writing and has inspired me to continue working towards my dream.” Jessica Welch, Basics of Creative Writing, July 2011

“Liesl Jobson is an interesting person and presented me with well thought out arguments. Her assistance helped and motivated me. This is a well-presented, good course.” Benedikt Sebastian Jordaan, Introduction to Poetry, July 2011

“I am very happy with the feedback I received from Liesl. She was very helpful in making me realize that I can write poetry. All I need to do is write, write and write, so I can improve. She also made me realize how important it is for me to read poetry as this will me to get better. Liesl taught me to write and analyze what I have written, and rewrite until I have a masterpiece.
I am happy I walked this journey with her and gained the knowledge she has passed on to me. I was in awe when I read her profile and still saw how she was so prompt and positive in her feedback and encouraged me all the way. I came out of this more confident that I can do this. I can fulfill my dream to write poetry. She is great!” Francine Mashabela, Introduction to Poetry, July 2011

“I think Paul Smith was the perfect tutor for me. He knew when and how to push me to get good results as I had several moments earlier on of self-doubt, procrastination and over-thinking things!  As I said in my earlier email – if I had the money to start straight onto the Advanced Course – I would – and would be asking for Paul to be my tutor again.” Jackie Clark, Magazine Journalism Course, July 2011

“Alex is one of the friendliest, helpful people I have ever met. She NEVER made me feel inferior or broke down my writing. She helped me find my voice and encouraged me to use it to the best of my ability. I never expected an esteemed Author to treat me with such love. I will be forever indebted to her and her guidance. The most important thing I have learned from Alex- Rewrite it!

Alex was always honest and her guidance is something I will always cherish. She is realistic and enthusiastic. She made me feel like her only student and she gave me her full attention.  Alex had the ability to inspire me when I felt that my story was heading straight for the dustbin. I learned so much during this course and the writing experience is something I would never have picked up in a classroom. The learning material was always honest and never boring. I enjoyed getting a new module and doing the exercises.” Annabel Schoeman, Write a Novel Course, June 2011

Alex Smith was a fantastic tutor. Her feedback was always helpful and encouraging and the suggestions and notes she gave were always applicable to the challenges I was facing. I could not have asked for a better tutor. Alex was always available to assist me and always gave more than was required in terms of support and feedback.” Janine Patel, Write a Novel Course, June 2011 
“I believe what made the course work for me was Susan. She helped me a great deal and was encouraging and motivational at all times. The feedback was great and you could see that time was taken in the assessment and feedback. As one can see from my feedback, I really enjoyed the course.” Allan Spear, The Writing Coach Course, June 2011
“Helen is great. It took me a while to feel ok about sending work. I imagined that she was rolling her eyes and trying to come up with positive comments even though she thought it was rubbish. I have got over that now. Helen has helped my confidence. The admin staff were wonderful. Prompt, efficient, friendly, also with useful feedback at the start and end of the course.” Kay Fechney, The Basics of Creative Writing Course, June 2011
“Thanks for the encouragement and the excellent administrative support from the College.” Marcelle Balt, Travel Writing Course, June 2011

“Tracey was supportive, encouraging, gave useful critique and did all she could to keep me moving through the modules.” Christine Briston, Magazine Journalism Course, June 2011

“A big thank you to NZ Writer's College for providing such an amazing opportunity to get me back on to the path of becoming a writer and helping me fulfil a life-long dream!” Surani Ramachandra, Basics of Creative Writing Course, June 2011
My tutor was great: prompt, relevant responses; minimal "interference"; much encouragement.  You are doing a great job. I also recommended your school to my sons who both completed courses with you over the past year: Basil Mackenzie (Magazine writing) and Bernard Mackenzie (Travel writing).  Lonkie Mackenzie, Basics of Creative Writing, June 2011
“The course is thorough and well thought out. I liked the clear directions for presenting one’s story and the many contacts given. Ginny Swart is an excellent tutor, always ready to answer questions and to help with difficulties. She is a credit to the college. I enjoyed the course very much.” Elizabeth Macdonald, Short Story Writing Course, May 2011

“The course is of a very high standard. Thank you for a helpful, motivating lecturer. I think you are doing a sterling job.” Susan Botha, Grammar Skills Course, May 2011
“This is a hassle free college, where you get a constant feedback from your lecturer about your study progress! Just keep up the good work.” Lungile Lugongolo, Hard News Journalism, May 2011
“Thank you for a fantastic course. Karin inspired me to really put all my effort in to this course and helped reignite my passion for writing. Koos was very organised and helpful. The course exceeded my expectations.” Micharn Pollock, Magazine Journalism Course, May 2011
“Thank you for a very well structured course that is perfect for the guy with a busy schedule. My tutor was tough, on the ball and incredibly knowledgeable.” Stanley Rorke, Magazine Journalism Course, May 2011
“Just wanted to say thanks so much for a great course. Tracey was an amazing tutor, very helpful and patient. I cannot think of anything I would change about the course.” Leila Wreyford, Magazine Journalism Course, April 2011 

“I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your excellence.  Writing a novel was one of the biggest dreams I've ever had and The Writer's College made it a reality.  You made me challenge myself and in turn, I found an endless pool of creativity within which I never knew existed. I would recommend your College  to anyone who is serious about writing. Even to those who already completed their first manuscripts.  You will be surprised what you will learn in the novel writing course.  Once again, thank all of you!  You guys are amazing!” Daubert Vermeulen, Write a Novel Course, April 2011

"I've had a very positive experience with the course - I enjoyed it very much and learned a lot as well." Janette Stratton, Basics of Creative Writing Course, April 2011
"I thoroughly enjoyed the course and Carina was an amazing tutor. She answered all my questions, gave constructive feedback, was encouraging and really helped me to improve my writing and get the maximum out of the course. I really enjoyed the course, learned a lot and it met all my expectations." Willemien Jansen, Basiese Kreatiewe Skryfkursus, April 2011

"Yvonne was excellent. She really knew what she was talking about and I held her opinion in high regard throughout. She was also very efficient at coming back with module feedback or to answer any queries. I was very impressed to have a Qantas Media Award winning journalist as a tutor." Natalie Maddigan, Magazine Journalism Course, April 2011

"Alex Smith was an absolute joy to work with. Her feedback was both extremely encouraging and honest. Her guidance was truly amazing and essential for me to learn everything there is to know about the wonderful world of novel writing. The fact that she is a published writer is great because we as aspiring writers get the sense that she understands all our fears and thus is able to help us through it. Thanks to her, I have found the right avenue for my writing aspirations. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this course to anyone who asks." Marcio Goncalves, Write a Novel Course, March 2011

"Ginny is an excellent tutor. Her kind comments help you to correct your mistakes whilst still encouraging you at the same time. Despite her huge portfolio, Ginny manages to make you feel that you too could someday be successful. I have learnt so much from her. I started off just wanting to see if I could write and now I am submitting every story I finish. Overall, the course was excellent. Good value for money!" Yael Barham-Smith, Short Story Writing Course, March 2011

“This was a very worthwhile course to do. I would like to recommend it to anyone who is interested in taking an English Language correspondence course. My lecturer was really patient and very competent. Her feedback was very thorough and explained in an easy-to-understand way for improvement of my writing. Her advice was very helpful.” Minako Tokita, Basic Grammar Skills Course, March 2011

“Working with Alex Smith has been an absolute pleasure. The insights and suggestions have proved invaluable and each assessment gave me energy and motivation to get stuck into my novel again. Alex has an incredible way with words and can even turn the negative into something intensely motivational! This was a fantastic course and I enjoyed it immensely. The biggest draw-card was the one-on-one tutoring from my mentor, which was incredibly helpful, positive, honest and motivating.” Caroline Greyling, Write a Novel Course, March 2011

“I have done two previous Creative Writing courses – one on tertiary level and another through ***** College – and this was by far the most relevant.  An excellent course! Helen was fantastic. She was encouraging and spot-on with her feedback – it is obvious that the writing skills that she teaches are as natural as breathing for her.” Bianca Wright, Basics of Creative Writing Course, February 2011  

“Ginny was very supportive throughout the course.  Her feedback was fast, fair, always constructive, encouraging and motivating. I had loads of fun doing the course. Everything was very good and Ginny was excellent.” Belinda Jubber, Short Story Course, February 2011


“I believe that the knowledge this course gave me is more than I need to venture into the tricky scriptwriting industry. Karen Jeynes made me feel comfortable enough to ask script questions which many professionals would regard as ‘dumb’.” Alec Zeelie, Scriptwriting Course, February 2011

“I found my tutor to be an inspiration and her critical analysis of my work was always prompt, professional and relevant. Her guidance and support was unfaltering. I am most impressed with the course content and the professionalism displayed by [my tutor] and the college. I feel I have made a worthwhile journey and look forward to the next stage.” Beth Stols, Magazine Journalism, February 2011

"Karen Lotter is the best. She responds very quickly and gives very constructive feedback. She is very motivating and she is available to assist all the time. It is clear that she is an expert in this field and so she gives expert advice. The course material is very relevant: it is not outdated or boring, but clear and concise." Dorothy Diaz, Writing for the Web Course, February 2011

"The course has been wonderful, I enjoyed it immensely! Liesl has been a wonderful tutor. Her comments, suggestions and feedback have been very intuitive and helpful. She has really helped me develop my writing practice and courage in writing from my personal experience." Jacinda De Freitas, Introduction to Poetry, January 2011

“Leonie Joubert was a superb tutor. Even though everything is done via correspondence, it still felt as if I built a personal relationship, which is nice. She was supportive and took a genuine interest in what I was doing.” Mark Hohls, Magazine Journalism, January 2011

“Helen was very professional and knowledgeable. Her feedback was spot-on and constructive. I think the quality of the course is excellent and I have recommended it to others.” Yvonne Erasmus, Basics of Creative Writing Course, January 2011

"Thank you so much for the course. It has truly been an inspiring and superb experience from start to finish. Karen Jeynes has been brilliant throughout the course. She always answered all of my questions with clarity and really went above and beyond the call of duty. She has been a wonderful mentor and a great inspiration for me. She is definitely one in a million." Riette du Plessis, Scriptwriting Course, January 2011

“[My tutor] was absolutely wonderful to work with. I wouldn’t have made it without her! Thank you for your professionalism. It’s been a pleasure working with the college and I will definitely recommend it when I have the chance.” Liezl Durie, Magazine Journalism, January 2011


“Liesl Jobson is an inspirational teacher who has made me think about writing in a completely different way. I hope I have the chance to work with her again.” Nqobile Nyathi, Introduction to Poetry, January 2011

“Helen was an amazing mentor. Her teaching is straight forward and simple, which is brilliant. She is friendly and easy to approach. Very thorough too.” Gareth Coetzee, Basics of Creative Writing Course, December 2010

“It is brilliant that at the end of the course you have a completed manuscript. Helen Brain is excellent; she is an expert in her subject matter and gives constructive feedback. It was an absolute pleasure working with her.” Renata Dry, Write a Children’s Book, December 2010

“My lecturer was fantastic. With prompt feedback, good advice and always willing to answer any outstanding questions I had. Thank you, Helen. I did research on Google, checking out various different institutions offering writing courses. The reason I chose your college is the fact that it is so personalized, one can register whenever one feels ready and it is good value for money. Having completed the course I now have a greater understanding of the concept of creative writing, as well as good feedback and encouragement. So in essence the course definitely gave me what I was looking for, hence the overall excellent review. Thank you for the opportunity you gave me to expand my writing skills and I look forward to the next course.” Ronnie Rothkegel, Basics of Creative Writing, December 2010

“The course met my objectives and went beyond them. It was more challenging and at the same time more rewarding than I expected. Karen has been instrumental in encouraging and supporting me to improve and go beyond what I thought I could do. She is definitely a motivating force! I think everything is run really well, the tutors are friendly and helpful and the courses are relevant and interesting. Keep up the good work!” Angela Pearse, Writing for the Web Course, November 2010

“Helen was amazing. I knew from the first contact with Helen that the course was going to be both inspiring and helpful. Helen helped me discover a way of writing I had never even thought of approaching. She coached my own voice into the light and for that I will forever be grateful. Helen is a gifted teacher and I am honoured to say that I’ve studied with her.” Dina Taute, Basics of Creative Writing, November 2010

“Thanks so much for your encouragement and excellent course! I have learned a huge amount. The course content and feedback was BRILLIANT. Thank you! Karin Schimke’s feedback on my assignments and article was invaluable and considerately conveyed. I’ve no doubt that her input has shortcut the process of getting published by a massive margin.” Naomi Estment, Magazine Journalism Course, November 2010

“Tracey, I would like to thank you sincerely for being such an outstanding tutor. I very much liked and appreciated your approach in commenting on my assignments. In general I found your advice very relevant, professional and representative of your considerable skills and experience. I can highly recommend you to any students who want to do the magazine journalism course. And you certainly know how to work with an adult student like me who has a mind of her own! You made this course a most enjoyable experience for me. I wish you all the best with your future endeavours!” Madi Hanekom, Magazine Journalism Course, November 2010

“I found [the course] very useful, entertaining, interesting and rewarding. Overall a very good introductory course and knowing that the lecturer would deal with submissions, comments and general feedback promptly and personally was a great help and encouragement. Mandy was encouraging but professional, very clear in her explanations, and great to deal with. I enjoyed the feeling that she was a professional in her field and didn’t pull punches regarding good and poorer work. Enjoyed the personal touch, and she conveys a true passion for her art.” Kevin Willemse, Copywriting Course, November 2010

“Helen Brain was great. She encouraged me to write more, and helped improve my writing. Having someone else's opinion makes all the difference.” Rachel Anderson, Basics of Creative Writing Course, October 2010

"Ginny was fantastic. She was quick to assist me and always managed to mark my assignments quickly. She gave me the confidence and knowhow that has been holding me back from writing seriously. My aim with this course was to put into practice all that I have learnt with my studies (I obtained my Honours degree in Theory of English Literature at the beginning of the year) and to get objective feedback on my writing. This course was a great help to me and I would definitely recommend it to any aspiring writer!" Hannah Green, Short Story Writing, October 2010

"From start to finish I was impressed with the professionalism of correspondence by Puseletso. Puseletso is simply amazing! She is very encouraging in her responses, as well as constructive and honest in her criticism. She has played a significant role in my development as a writer (not only in magazine journalism)." Delia Stanhope, Magazine Journalism, October 2010

“I just have to say that I loved doing this short course on magazine journalism. I haven't submitted my article yet, but will definitely revise it, make some changes thanks to the external assessor’s feedback, and submit it shortly. My tutor Tracey was so willing to help out, and always gave honest and fair advice - which is just what I wanted. I have learnt so much and have already advised others to go onto your website and start their dreams of writing!” Gwyneth King, Magazine Journalism, September 2010

“The course opened up a new world that I knew nothing about previously. The tutor feedback was extremely useful. I will definitely recommend the course and aim to build on all I have learnt.” Anna Smit, Travel Writing Course, October 2010

“I really enjoyed the course, and am disappointed that I’m finished. So for purely selfish reasons, I wish it had been longer. Helen was professional, knowledgeable and helpful at all times. I appreciated her constructive criticism, as it always made me strive for better marks next time. I am looking forward to another course through the college as soon as I can afford one!” Crystal Withington, Basics of Creative Writing Course, October 2010

“I was very happy to have Helen as my course lecturer. She was very straight forward and to the point, and was able to explain why something would work better in a very good way. I enjoyed the course very much and hope to do another course beginning of next year.” Shannon Harling, Basics of Creative Writing, October 2010


“I really enjoyed the course and thought the feedback and course material were of a very high standard.” Emily Davis, Magazine Journalism, September 2010

"I’ve never done any writing courses before but I really think this course is excellent. I really enjoyed the course and it has given me a lot more confidence in my writing, especially for my work. I would love to do another course with the college, so hopefully next year you'll see my name again." Kim Govender, Magazine Journalism, September 2010

“I think you have waxed it, so to speak. The guidelines in your course are easy to understand and apply, and they really helped me to improve my writing. I’m thinking of doing another course with you guys, so my name will pop up on your screens sometime soon!” Waldo Ungerer, Basics of Creative Writing, September 2010

“This course covered a lot more than I expected and each assignment was a challenge for me – which was great. The notes and links supporting the learning were very good. Karen’s approach is both professional and friendly. Her knowledge in a new and ever changing medium is amazing and she made it seem attainable for me. It was a pleasure to have Karen as my tutor.” Chris Snelling, Writing for the Web, September 2010

“I have loved every minute of this course. My tutor was great , she always made great points about my work, constructive criticism, praise where it was due, and always pointed me in the right direction, which helped immensely. Keep doing what you’re doing, because it’s great.” Clemma Waddel, Write a Novel Course, August 2010

“My lecturer was Diane and I absolutely loved her. She was extremely motivating – I’m already having withdrawals. She is very insightful and I felt that she understood me and what I was trying to do with my manuscript. I loved working with her. Her feedback was always spot-on and she was very approachable. I think you guys are going an excellent job. The support is great.” Lisl McLachlan, Write a Novel, August 2010

“I was extremely happy with all the materials and course content. Susan is a wonderful lecturer: her feedback was always constructive, informative, kind and insightful. She is also very approachable, open and supportive. She is absolutely the best. I learnt more than I ever dreamed I would.” Theresa de Beer, Writing Coach Course, August 2010

“I loved doing this course with Helen. I really learnt a lot, especially about writing dialogue, which I have always found challenging. Helen really is so kind and wise with her praise and criticism - so necessary when dealing with the fragile egos of (wannabe) writers. She is a born teacher/mentor – can’t gush enough about her. Thank you for providing so much support to aspiring writers.” Shannon Willis, Basics of Creative Writing, July 2010

“I felt like I was learning from someone who is genuinely passionate about her subject. I have learned so much and am inspired to pursue it further.” Candice Nel, Copywriting Course, July 2010




“I have absolutely loved this course and have learnt so much about creative writing that I didn't know. I really enjoyed every moment of it. Helen is a great tutor, and yes, it has inspired me to keep writing.” Rachel Kiel-Taylor, Basics of Creative Writing Course, July 2010

“I found the course very relevant. It made the daunting task of completing a manuscript very approachable, moving in logical, achievable steps from beginning to middle and end. I found Helen’s feedback to be extremely relevant and useful. Though she didn’t tell me what to write, she steered me on the right path, always making sure I remembered who my audience was and that I had all the correct elements to keep a child reading, from a workable plot to good dialogue, valuable description and setting, and language at the correct level.” Hayley Leibowitz, Write a Children’s Book, July 2010

“I really enjoyed this course and the content was very helpful and applicable. I look forward to completing another course with you. Helen was very helpful and knowledgeable, her advice and feedback was brilliant; she showed me problems in my writing I had never known existed and which I have now been able to fix.” Chelsea Haith, Basics of Creative Writing, July 2010

“The course was indeed a valuable learning experience for me and I certainly did learn a lot from it. I have my degree in BA Journalism, but taking up the magazine writing course has specifically allowed me to gain a better understanding of the industry I want to work in.” Tal Halili, Magazine Journalism Course, July 2010

"Lisa made this entire experience such a pleasure for me. It takes a special kind of lecturer to be able to give critique and feedback that empowers, gives insight and builds confidence. She has this gift. Whenever my courage started crumbling, she was right there showing me the way. I always felt safe in her hands. She is a great asset to your college! I feel very fortunate to have been able to work with her. I feel the course was extremely thorough and practical. So many times one does a course and afterwards sit with a book full of facts and no clue as how to implement them. This is not the case with your course! The knowledge you impart is directly related to the field and can be used in practice! Never have I felt so supported and encouraged by a team." Michelle Nothling, Magazine Journalism Course, July 2010

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course and benefitted from the material, Ginny was an outstanding tutor.....P.S. You guys really do provide an outstanding service to us would-be writers." Varsh Patel, Short Story Writing Course, July 2010

”Can’t say enough about my tutor really. Ginny was fantastic! I loved her prompt marking and chatty emails. Right from the word go, Ginny was more than friendly and very, very encouraging. This made logging on when waiting for the assignment results all the more exciting. We are still in touch, something I treasure very much. Every single one of my aspirations was met. I loved the discipline of working on the set assignments and also that my imagination was getting a workout. But what is really exciting is that all in the same week I got my course report and sold a story to a magazine!” Stephanie Attwood, Short Story Course, June 2010

“Thank you for the incredible knowledge and writing training as well as the confidence gained from the course. Karin was a wonderful lecturer. While she was very straight and strict, she was also very encouraging in her comments. I appreciated this. After the information gleaned on the course and the motivation from my tutor, I believe my articles will be published.” Jo Hedges, Magazine Journalism, June 2010


"The quality of the course I took was beyond what I ever expected and it was extremely worthwhile. I enjoyed working with Mandy and it was a brilliant course. The evaluations were excellent and always fair and justified. I appreciate the seriousness with which the course was handled and it made the process feel professional and worthwhile.

The course was evaluated in a very rigorous and professional way, which I found quite intimidating at first, as I did not expect such an in-depth assessment per module. I loved this aspect but it should be noted up front that the course is demanding and not something to breeze through and expect good results; because I think many people would expect to ‘just get by’ – however, people who are serious about writing must be told this is a serious writing course. As those who are just looking to add something to their CV will get quite a shock once the course gets rolling. I really felt I got back what I put in and that is what made this a very worthwhile course." Michael Rowlinson, Copywriting, June 2010
"I was honoured to have Wilna as a tutor. She was professional and easily approachable." Tanya van der Westhuizen, Write a Novel Course, June 2010
"The course was very informative and I learned a lot which I can apply immediately . Karen Lotter was excellent and her feedback was honest and direct which I appreciated. She really knows her field and she was a really pleasant tutor to have." Owen Bell, Writing for the Web, June 2010
"I really enjoyed the course and it improved my writing overall which is great. Although it was sometimes difficult to fit it into my work schedule, I’ve never enjoyed “studying” as much as with this course. Karen is really great. She really gives you a lot of confidence in your work and is always willing to help you out. You can tell she really loves what she does." Tessa Wrench, Writing for the Web, June 2010
"I enjoyed the course and definitely learned a lot about creative writing. My structure improved and I have a better understanding of the different components that make up a story as well has how to use them to generate different moods. Helen was a very good and patient tutor. She was always prompt with her replies and was happy to answer any questions or queries I had. I think you guys offer a very valuable service. We live in an era where we are encouraged to suppress our creative sides and focus on more logical studies such as science, mathematics and computer programming. While these studies are fascinating, I feel it is important to explore your creative side as well. Sadly few people do nowadays. This website gives me a great way to explore and refine my creative abilities at my own time and leisure so it is perfect for me." Ofir Marom, Basics of Creative Writing, May 2010
"I have to say this was one of the most enjoyable things that I have ever done. I am so thrilled with my result and found the feedback to be very useful in every regard and I have learned a lot.  Can I also just say Ginny was wonderful! She has so knowledgeable and although strict with her assessment, gave very positive feedback." Ina du Toit, Short Story Writing, May 2010
"I have already completed the Basics of Creative Writing Course and it was on the strength of the enjoyment I derived from that, that I completed this course too. I thoroughly enjoyed the Magazine Journalism Course. Tracey was a fantastic lecturer. Her feedback was sent the following day after I submitted my work and she was always very approachable and full of encouragement." Ariella Caira, Magazine Journalism, June 2010

"I was very impressed by the service offered at the College.  I was pleasantly surprised that the College was highly efficient and that I received my tutorials immediately.  Ginny Swart is a brilliant tutor and I appreciated receiving her comments with every module.  I have grown as a writer and will continue pursuing my writing dreams" Sumi Singh, Short Story Writing, June 2010

"It was a wonderful course that I really enjoyed doing. I may be back for a creative writing course. Susan seems to be excellent with English which I found inspiring. It was a pleasure having her as my tutor." Darienne Hallas, Business Writing Toolkit, June 2010

"Ginny was not just a teacher; she became my friend and confidant during this course and I will miss her dearly." Sana Patel, Short Story Writing, May 2010

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course and will consider another." Laura Lindique, Business Writing Toolkit, May 2010

"I found the course structure and materials very user-friendly and clear. My lecturer/tutor was outstanding - had to wade through very long text installments and did so willingly, with energy and insight and without complaint! I think you have a great product and a great attitude." Ashley Symes, Write a Novel Course, May 2010

"I enjoyed this course and the challenges, especially trying to be a lot more careful with my choice of words. It is encouraging to know that I am capable of writing at this level." Beaulah Pragg, Basics of Creative Writing, May 2010

"Karen Lotter is an excellent teacher. I appreciate her ability to explain complicated issues in a simple way, easy to understand. This is only possible if the teacher knows her stuff so well that the explanations are effective and simple - even I understood everything! I think you are a great school." Vivek Kohli, Writing for the Web Course, May 2010

“The course was very well presented, easy to follow and very helpful. I feel that I have learnt a substantial amount, and that my writing has improved drastically. Henrietta has been a pleasure to deal with. She was enormously helpful in each of the modules, and I feel that I have a much broader understanding of what it means to be a writer now than I ever did. She is inspiring and manages to critique in a manner which does not offend.” Write a Novel Course, Michelle Marais, April 2010

"I could not have found a better college. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and Ginny is a marvelous tutor. Couldn't have been better." Gillian Palliser, Short Story Writing Course, April 2010

"All I can say about the course evaluation is, keep it up guys. SA needs more writers...I regard you as the only means to challenge the system by establishing as many well-trained journalists as possible." Marks Phasha, Hard News Journalism, March 2010


"Thank you for the copywriting course. It was an excellent course. Getting work so quickly in the industry has been outstanding. I found Mandy to be an excellent lecturer. I especially valued her feedback and comments on my assignments" Greg Tosi, Copywriting Course, March 2010

"I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical, because I thought a college might not be able to give me the same amount of information that a university could, but I was proven wrong with each module. I gained knowledge of more than just the basics and I feel confident to write now. Karin is truly a wonderful lecturer and I can safely say that she becomes more than just that, she becomes a friend too. She tries to help whenever she can and she gave me very useful tips and tricks." Renette van der Merwe, Magazine Journalism Course, March 2010

"I thought the course was extremely well run and I learnt a great deal from it. It suited me perfectly in terms of doing it part-time and Karin was an enthusiastic and inspirational tutor." Belinda Blomfield, Magazine Journalism, March 2010

"The course content is excellent as it provides very useful writing exercises but encourages you to write your novel at the same time. I like the fact that the emphasis is not on personal introspective analysis. Diane provided invaluable advice and support. I can honestly say that without the course and Diane's incredible support and input, my manuscript would not have been written. I have enjoyed the experience and I feel that my writing has improved substantially." Hazel Carlstein, Write a Novel Course, March 2010

"I cannot say enough in praise of the Write a Novel course, and of my tutor Charlotte Randall. When I started the course my confidence in my writing was low - Charlotte put such a lot into my assessments, told me exactly what I was doing wrong, how I could improve - her criticism was always fair and she seemed like a kindred spirit - really understanding what I was trying to do with my characters and with my overall novel. Her feedback was always detailed and prompt, she answered all my questions thoroughly and gave so much extra help and advice. I could not have asked for a better mentor and I will really miss her now that the course is over. Thank you Charlotte." Kathleen Jackson, Write a Novel Course, February 2010

"Yvonne was fantastic! I really valued her feedback and she was extremely encouraging. She really added to my enjoyment of the course. I really enjoyed the course and thought the material was very good." Celeste Wood, Travel Writing Course, March 2010

"I really enjoyed the course. It was a personal journey for me. My tutor was excellent, her feedback extremely objective and well-balanced.  I will certainly recommend your college to other aspiring writers as well. I have already started the novel course." Petro van Rooyen, Scriptwriting, January 2010

"I think the real value of the course is in the feedback you get. The fact that Helen put in a "nice" or "I like that" after a paragraph really inspired me to try and get more of the same. Thanks, Helen! This was my first venture into doing a course on-line as well as a first in creative writing. For me the whole experience was extremely positive. I cannot think of any negative experience I had. For me the course was truly an eye opener, I learnt a lot and can't wait to dig into the Travel Writing Course." Johan Schultz, Basics of Creative Writing Course, January 2010

"It's been an enriching experience and I am definitely a better writer than I was at the start of the course. It's been a pleasure and privilege to have Ginny as my lecturer. She taught me a great deal, and those lessons will continue to be of great value. Thanks." Cornelia Booysen, Short Story Writing Course, January 2010

"The course was more than I expected so I rated it excellent on every point. It's not very often an event and a person can alter and influence a person`s thinking and capability in such a positive way; being tutored by Helen on this course did just that. Helen`s guidance and experience are exemplary. I feel numerous new doors have been opened to me with the creative side of writing and I am looking at continuing this by doing the short story course as a follow up, so I will be in touch." Kabir Ramdew, Basics of Creative Writing Course, December 2009


"I was very impressed with the quality of course content and applications. Straight up, realistic and professional. I knew what was expected of me and appreciated the help given. I looked forward to all the marks and comments and felt they were just what was needed to encourage me to go for it." Shannon Hunt, Advanced Magazine Journalism Course, December 2009

"In terms of feedback, I must say that the course was great! As my first ever attempt at writing or learning about it, I found it at just the right level for a beginner. Helen's guidance was valuable and the coursework interesting and exciting. I will be looking for more courses in the future as the bug has successfully bitten me!" Aimee Fouche, Basics of Creative Writing, December 2009

"Thank you heaps! The course was great. I am really happy with everything about the course." Nicky Smith, Basics of Creative Writing, December 2009

"I think you are the best distance college for creative writing. The universities couldn't offer me such a course - I tried them. Have so enjoyed your short story writing course. I was about to give up on the last assignment when I received your email which said 'keep going, keep writing, show up at the page.' It was the necessary push that I needed so I did just that. Thanks! The course met my objectives in every way. It was exactly what I wanted." Ann Hoffman, Short Story Writing Course, November 2009

"Helen Brain was an exceptional mentor and gave excellent feedback, encouragement and guidance throughout the course. Her responses were always prompt and detailed and her criticism constructive." Ariella Caira, Basics of Creative Writing, November 2009

"I really enjoyed doing the course and I can't wait to write articles that will hopefully get published in the near future. I really enjoyed my tutor. She gave me constructive feedback at all times and pushed me to be better which paid off in the end." Tiffany Eslick, Travel Writing Course, November 2009

"I really enjoyed the course information. It was easy to read, enjoyable to read and really succinct and practical. Ginny made the course. She was incredibly supportive and encouraging yet insightful and challenging. Thank you so much." Helena McCloud, Write a Novel Course, November 2009

"Karen Jeynes is an excellent tutor. She gave me maximum support throughout the course. I have not had the pleasure of seeing any of her work, but she is very passionate about what she does and it shows through her tutoring. She was very encouraging and she just inspired me to keep trying until I got it right. For as long as I live I will not ever forget the advice she gave me. She is excellent! Overall I was very happy with the course, I learnt a great deal and would recommend it to anyone interested in pursuing a career in this field." Marcio Goncalves, Scriptwriting, November 2009

"Thank you for a wonderful course." Krpasha Govindamsay, Basics of Creative Writing, November 2009

"The course was wonderful in every respect." Gill Palliser, Basics of Creative Writing, November 2009

"I really enjoyed doing the course and I can't wait to write articles that will hopefully get published in the near future. I really enjoyed having Carrie Hampton as my tutor. She gave me constructive feedback at all times and pushed me to be better which paid off in the end." Tiffany Eslick, Travel Writing Course, November 2009


"Helen Brain is a gifted teacher and got me going in creative writing. I didn't believe that I could do it but Helen believed otherwise." Nico Du Plessis, Basics of Creative Writing, December 2009

"The course has already opened doors to wonderful opportunities. I have not felt this motivated and inspired in a long time! Both the course and Karen have made a difference in my life." Martha Schungel, Scriptwriting, September 2009

"I have done a number of different writing courses, and while I always came away knowing more, I never felt I'd gained anything in terms of practical application or writing confidence. When I came across your College I decided to give myself one last shot at becoming a 'real' writer. I chose the Magazine Journalism Foundation Course because it seemed to be the fastest route towards earning a living as a freelance writer. It was, without a doubt, the very best decision I could have made. My writing has improved beyond measure. More importantly my confidence in myself and my capabilities as a writer has escalated tremendously. THANK YOU!" Angela Horn, Magazine Journalism, September 2009

"Thank you so much for everything. I had an amazing experience taking the course, and the best supervisor. It's the first time that I've done an online course. Your College reminded me how much fun it is to study and enrich yourself by acquiring additional knowledge. It was a pleasure all the way. The course runs so smoothly and professionally." Iva Paneva, International Travel Writing Course, October 2009

"I think that the course content is excellent - I learned many new things, things that I would never have even thought of before doing this course. Helen was very helpful, and I loved her feedback - she inspired me to try my hardest and made me feel like I really have talent to be a writer. I will definitely be recommending this course to anybody I know who wants to write, especially because Helen is the lecturer." Cheryl Childs, Basics of Creative Writing, October 2009

"I especially liked the way the course focused on industry protocol and commercial details like payment, invoicing, relationship with editors etc, rather than just teaching writing style and technique. I am used to academic studying where the actual links between what you learn and how it will be applied in the workplace are not so obvious. I liked that this course teaches one how to be a magazine journalist and not just how to write magazine journalism. A great course overall. I really enjoyed it." Leanne Johannson, Magazine Journalism Course, August 2009

"I really appreciated Fiona's encouraging manner and her patience with me. I really enjoyed this course - thanks so much!" Lisa Wright, Write a Great Press Release, August 2009

"Karen (my tutor) was very helpful, I learned a lot from her. This course was so inspiring." Stanley Denga, Scriptwriting, August 2009

"I enjoyed Carrie's course and learned a lot from her. I found the course very practical, and liked the variety of aspects to travel writing that it covers. I know enough now to actually start submitting articles!" Jeanette Lochner, Travel Writing Course, August 2009

"An excellent foundation for any potential writer. Only the hard knocks of reality will develop skill. [My tutor's] honest and helpful comments changed my perception of the written word." Lydia Borg-Jorgensen, Magazine Journalism Course, March 2009

"Thanks for all your support and motivation - I always thought I had a knack for this but your opinion as a professional is what I needed to take the next steps. I am quite humbled really by the fact that my first published piece will be coming out in two weeks' time (FHM), and hopefully the African Communications piece as well soon. I could not have asked for more of a fast track towards my writing goals, thanks to you." Kevin Willemse, Magazine Journalism, May 2009


"In my opinion these courses are an absolute life-saver and a wonderful way to get experience and exposure without having to go and do a full BA in languages. The mentoring and advice offered are always spot on and challenge the way you look at your own writing, forcing you to step outside of your little box and try something new, stretching yourself and your ability. In addition, the material available in the student centre is not only interesting but really well written - it is easy to understand and to apply. Nicky Pantland, Magazine Journalism, May 2009

"I thoroughly enjoyed doing the course with Helen Brain. She is an extremely good teacher and mentor. It was fun and I still intend to do the other courses you offer in Scriptwriting and Adult novel writing - but I need to save for them first." Fern Yates, Write a Children's Book Course, May 2009

"Ginny is approachable and professional. Her feedback was prompt, honest, encouraging and the guidance she gave me is something I truly appreciate. With her assistance I am more confident, knowledgeable and positive about my future. Thanks Ginny!" Marie Duddle, Short Story Writing May 2009

"You have a great college offering a wide variety of courses, and after a spell of writing for magazines, I might return to do the novel course or maybe the children's story course. Such delightful anticipation. I wish to thank you and Ginny for looking after me so well." Lesley Maher, Short Story Writing Course, Feb 2009

"I can't believe it's all finished and done with! How sad! Thank you so much for all your help, you are a GREAT tutor and gave hidings when they were required and boosted my self confidence when it was getting a bit dented! You were fantastic *shakes pom poms*" Natasha Chandler, Magazine Journalism May 2009

"Thank you so much for all your help. You have taught me so much and you have been absolutely great with helping me out. You were a great tutor." Camille Arnott, Basic Grammar Skills Course, June 2009

"The course content and presentation is really excellent. It is very well put together and comprehensive. (Remember, I am a teacher and trainer as well so I guess I am quite well positioned to judge!) I learned a huge amount...The feedback and support is excellent. The whole system has been superbly designed and works extremely well. I have done online courses before but this one takes the cake!" Mandy Lebides, Magazine Journalism, June 2008

"I thoroughly enjoyed completing the course. It taught me a lot; not only about journalism, but about myself and on how much I can actually stretch my abilities. Through doing this course I’ve realized that nothing is impossible and have already achieved things I never thought I would have…I really enjoyed having my tutor; she really has in-depth knowledge of journalism and English and taught me a lot. I almost felt like I bonded with her over this time and it’s sad to say goodbye." Kim Simpson, Magazine Journalism, July 2008

"Thanks a mill, Karin… I've taken all your teachings and sage words to heart, and my writing has improved TEN FOLD! Both you and Beth Cooper have taught me well – the proof is evident just by me counting all my happy (new and not-so-new) clients. Thank you." Kate Turner, Magazine Journalism, July 2008

"Thank you, for this – I enjoyed this course very much! It has been such a busy first half of the year and it was really just Lisa’s thoughtful feedback and encouragement that kept me at it. I was also very impressed with the way the course broke down the process through the line from concept to accounts into manageable modules. It really helped me get over my angst about writing and interviewing. I will definitely recommend this course." Nicole McCreedy, Magazine Journalism Course, June 2008

"Ginny is an excellent lecturer and was very helpful and extremely quick at getting back to me whenever I submitted an assignment. She also gave me a lot of advice and answered all sorts of questions I had." Carol Reed, Short Story Writing, July 2008


"Thank you. It was great to do the course and I'm excited that FL accepted my piece! Lisa was a great tutor too." Briony Chisholm, Magazine Journalism, May 2008

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course and would definitely recommend it to other aspiring writers." Leigh-Anne Hunter, Magazine Journalism, May 2008

"Thanks, I have thoroughly enjoyed the course and I look forward to using what I've learnt to get myself published!" Elise Kirsten, Magazine Journalism, May 2008

"The course has been very interesting and informative, so thanks for that. I look forward to getting stuck into some more writing!" Caminey Kuropatwa, Magazine Journalism, May 2008

"This was a thoroughly enjoyable course, which has helped to give me more direction in terms of my writing. [The tutor was] incredibly helpful and supportive. …It was really valuable to learn the proper way of doing things for this genre." Belinda Glenn, Magazine Journalism, July 2008

"Just want to say thank you for the great course. I really enjoyed it and it definitely improved my confidence when it comes to business writing." Tamlyn Williams, Business Writing, April 2008

"As you will see I have NOTHING but praise [for the course]. I loved it all and Karin Schimke is a rock and mentor bar none!" Lisa Finkelstein, Magazine Journalism, March 2008

"Just wanted to say a very big THANK YOU to Ginny Swart who has been a fantastic motivator and mentor since my very first assignment of the course. I'm learning to be cleaner and meaner with words, and it's deeply encouraging receiving her comprehensive feedback. THANKS A MILL GINNY, YOU'RE A STAR!" Widaad Munga, Short Story Writing, April 2008

"Ginny is a wonderful tutor – her feedback is always encouraging and highly motivating and you get this incredible sense of safety – like she’s a caring and nurturing ‘mom’ rather than a tutor and advisor. Thank you, Ginny – for everything! " Karen Jones, Short Story Course, January 2008

"Hi Nichola - Thanks for a great course. I really learned a lot. It started something for me that is beyond words." Peet Steyn, Magazine Journalism, March 2008

"I LOVED the course, from beginning to end. It far exceeded my expectations and I know that my certificate will not be a worthless piece of paper – I was made to work hard and my tutor earned my respect by her direct and honest feedback at the end of each module." Marilyn Scott, Travel Writing, February 2008

"Thanks so much for coordinating such a wonderful course. I enjoyed every second of it." Lerato Malekutu, Magazine Journalism, November 2007

"Just a quick email to again say thanks for the wonderful work you're doing in the industry - the Magazine Journalism course I did has certainly helped me tremendously in my career!" Christo Valentyn, Magazine Journalism, December 2007

"Thank you so much! I enjoyed the course through and through. Ginny was awesome. I wish all my lecturers were like her!" Talitha van Rensburg, Short Story Writing, September 2007.

"I feel obligated to let you know much I value the course I'm taking. Beth Cooper is phenomenal and always has time to answer my questions no matter how seemingly small. My writing has improved ten-fold and I am now considering taking the magazine writing course when I'm finished with Hard News." Kate Turner, Hard News Journalism, August 2007

"Thank you for all your guidance throughout this course. I thoroughly enjoyed it and it taught me a lot about writing in general, not just travel writing. In my line of business, I write a lot of media releases, communications and even Internet copy for Search Engine Optimisation. I can apply so much from the course to all of these." Gillian Meier, Travel Writing, July 2007

"The course was fun and Carrie is thorough in her marking, shares the benefit of her own experience and is very practical and encouraging to boot." Corrie Bridgman, Travel Writing, May 2007.

"Now that I have completed [the course] I am thoroughly impressed and happy with the skills I have acquired in the process. So yes, in terms of learning more about the magazine industry and how to approach my work, it has exceeded all my expectations." Christo Valentyn, Magazine Journalism, June 2007

"This course was very enjoyable, and delivered all that it promised. I would certainly recommend this course to anyone interested in starting out in journalism." Moira Golden, Magazine Journalism, December 2006

"Thank you so much for all your effort and help. This is an invaluable opportunity you are offering." Benito Vergotine, Magazine Journalism, May 2006

"I found everything about the course very well organised and presented. I really thought it was an excellent educational investment for me." Karen Huxham, Magazine Journalism, March 2006

"Hi there – just a quick note to let you know my article, ‘Let’s cool it girl’ made the Feb ‘06 issue of Men’s Health. I’m so happy! And a huge ‘thank you’ for your input and support – it is so fulfilling to get done what you set out to do…." Marlene Marais, Magazine Journalism, January 2006

"The foundation course was a great learning experience. It has instilled the confidence in me to go out and tackle the world as a freelance photojournalist." Margot Dolby, Magazine Journalism, December 2005.

"I have thoroughly enjoyed the Foundation Course. I started with high expectations and have certainly not been disappointed. The individual attention, guidance and feedback that I received have been invaluable. The course content is excellent, challenging and stimulating. An added benefit was that I was forced to write an article, whereas in my busy, everyday life, that would have just remained a dream. I will definitely be registering for the Advanced Course." Jennifer Dunkley, Magazine Journalism, November 2005

"The course provided a great foundation for a future career in journalism. The lecturer, Nichola Meyer, was dedicated, involved, and obviously passionate about her subject. Her support has been invaluable." Brenda Walters, Magazine Journalism, November 2005

"The lecturer knows what she’s doing, and really seems to want her students to get into the magazine industry. She’s always available to contact with any questions, and always gives constructive feedback." Caro Engelbrecht, Magazine Journalism, November 2005

"This course was invaluable, inspiring and absorbing. It was far better than I expected, and highly professional. I was in awe of the calibre of the course and lecturer." Karen Engeldow, Magazine Journalism, November 2005

"Thanks for a dynamic and very interesting course. I have enjoyed every second of it!" Chantal Di Donato, Magazine Journalism, September 2005

Unsolicited Feedback
This is feedback from random e-mail correspondence as opposed to the requested course feedback above.

"I would like to thank you again for accommodating my request to do this course - it has changed my life.  There is no other way to put that - and I will always be grateful." Novel Writing

"I have to say this was one of the most enjoyable things that I have ever done. I am so thrilled with my result and found the feedback to be very useful in every regard.and I have learnt a lot. I have actually been thinking to enroll for another course. Can I also just say Ginny was wonderful! She has so knowledgable and although strict with her assessment, gave very positive feedback." Short Story Writing

"I just want to say a huge thank you for all your guidance and help during the magazine journalism course.  I thoroughly enjoyed the tasks and feel I have learned a bunch of exciting skills as well as a developing a new set of eyes which are constantly looking for a 'story'!  I hope to keep writing, reading and developing what I've learned and get some work to magazines soon!" Magazine Journalism

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course and the feedback I received.  I found the material interesting, user friendly and relevant.  Yvonne is a great lecturer and very encouraging, which I really appreciated." Travel Writing

"Thank you, I really enjoyed this course. It reminded me about how great English is!" Business Writing Toolkit

“I have so loved this course and Karin, you have been a mentor bar none. It has been an honour and privilege.” Magazine Journalism

I'd like to thank the college for the fantastic opportunity to study and most of all for my precious tutor, Leoni Benghiat. She is a gem and I'll always be grateful for her teaching. Magazine Journalism

Thanks again to you and the college for being there. It is exactly what aspiring writers need. You are filling a much-needed gap in the study of writing. Magazine Journalism

I thoroughly enjoyed the writing coach course; it was very encouraging and just plain fun. Thank you for all your extremely helpful feedback. Writing Coach Course

Thank you so much. I have really enjoyed the course; having your feedback has been truly invaluable. I have learned so much from your comments and notes!I am definitely going to sign up for the short story course in January!Thank you for all your guidance over the past 5 months, you really have made a difference. Writing Coach Course

Thank you for all your input – it was a great course and I really enjoyed every moment. I’m looking forward to doing more courses next year. Writing Coach Course

Thanks for your time and expertise; it was truly mind-opening. Writing Coach Course

It has been a wonderful journey of discovery and I wish to thank you for your insights and positive feedback. I have already noticed a positive impact on my daily writing and I hope to continue building on this great start! Writing Coach Course

Nichola was absolutely brilliant. A huge help, and her feedback was indispensable. Magazine Journalism

Thank you so much for the report and for all your help throughout the course. I would have been lost without you. Magazine Journalism

This was a thoroughly enjoyable course, which I think has helped to give me more direction in terms of my writing. Nichola was incredibly supportive and informative! Magazine Journalism

I've taken in every valuable lesson I learned during my two courses and again want to thank you both for being excellent teachers and encouragers. The real work starts now, so off I go! Magazine Journalism

I really enjoyed the course and I learned a lot! I look forward to seeing my final mark and receiving my certificate. Thank you for all your good advice. Travel Writing Course

Just a note to say that I have enjoyed the course and learnt a lot (you may dispute that!). Most interesting for me has been the need to research areas that you plan to write about. Research of publications is second nature to me. Looking at places I visit with a fresh eye to see if a story about them really does have legs. Thank you for your patient and insightful tuition. Travel Writing Course


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NZ Writers College is a leading online writing school in New Zealand.

We offer specialised, online writing courses tutored by award-winning writers. Get the writing tools you need, expert insider advice and hours and hours of writing practice. Work one-to-one with a professional writer and realise your writing dreams.



NZ Writers College offers online writing classes all over New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific Islands. We have students from Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Napier, Whangarei, Rotorua, Hastings, Wellington, Nelson, Christchurch, Invercargill, Dunedin, Hawkes Bay, Palmerston North, as well as Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra and Melbourne, Australia.

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Nichola Meyer or Koos Turenhout
Email: admin@nzwriterscollege.co.nz

Phone:      +64 9 550 4635

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