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Copy-editing and Proofreading


Welcome to the Copy-editing and Proofreading Course at NZ Writers College. 

Copy-editing and proofreading can be uniquely satisfying jobs in the writing industry, both as a freelancer working from home, or in-house for a company.

This five-month course will teach the basic skills of proofreading, so that language practitioners can make informed, consistent and confident decisions in their copy-editing.

Writing Coach Course


“Excellent clarity and details of explanations and feedback. Excellent applicability of course content to industry.”

Fiona Corcoran, Copy-editing and Proofreading Course




Course Details:

  • Cost: $ 749.00 GST inclusive
  • Modules: 5 Modules; 100-page course manual
  • Duration: Course can be completed at own pace: between three and five months
  • Start date: At any time; applications all year round via our website
  • Read course feedback here.

Students must complete:


Admission Requirements:

  • Excellent grasp of grammar, punctuation, spelling and English usage (You should consider our Grammar for Writers course if you need to sharpen your grammar skills).
  • Access to one recommended style guide and dictionary (Butcher’s Copy-editing: The Cambridge Handbook for Editors; Copy-editors and Proofreaders, The Oxford Style Manual; Strunk & White’s The Elements of Style, available free of charge at; The Oxford English Dictionary; Collins English Dictionary)
  • Computer skills, e-mail and Internet access required
  • Use of Microsoft Word and the 'track changes' function
  • Will require a printer and scanner
  • No previous tertiary qualification required

Tutor for this course:

Rosemary Hepözden has three decades of editing, writing and teaching experience.
As an editor, she has worked as a freelancer and also in-house for book publishers in Canada and New Zealand (Fitzhenry & Whiteside, Crabtree Publishing, Hodder Moa Beckett and indirectly for Continuum, Radcliffe Publishing, Taylor & Francis).

She also has 14 years’ experience in magazine publishing in New Zealand, as an editor, sub-editor, proofreader and staff writer for a range of consumer and trade titles.
Rosemary taught several courses at the University of Auckland’s Centre for Continuing Education between 2006 and 2011, including Working With Words (an introduction to editing and proofreading) and Getting to Grips with Grammar.
Rosemary is also the author of four nonfiction books. Her latest book - Instant Kiwi - was published by New Holland Publishers in 2014. Read feedback about Rosemary's tutoring here.

Course Curriculum

Module 1 - An Introduction

  • Introduction to the course
  • Recommended references and resources
  • House style guides
  • Writing exercise 1.1: Typos
  • Writing exercise 1.2: Transpositions
  • Writing exercise 1.3: Spacing errors
  • Writing exercise 1.4: Spelling errors
  • Writing exercise 1.5: Compound nouns
  • Writing exercise 1.6: Punctuation errors
  • Writing exercise 1.7: Correct word usage
  • Writing exercise 1.8: Apostrophes
  • Writing exercise 1.9: Company names
  • Writing exercise 1.10: Bias-free language

Module 2 - The Basics of Copy-editing and Proofreading

  • Introduction
  • What is Copy-editing?
  • What is Proofreading?
  • Writing Exercise 2.1: Correct, flag or query content-related errors in a given text (assessment and feedback task)
  • Writing Exercise 3.2: Correct spelling, punctuation, grammar and formatting errors in a given text (assessment and feedback task)

Module 3 - Copy-editing in Practice

  • Introduction
  • Maintaining a Style Sheet
  • Example 1 - Fiction Copy-edit plus self-assessment assignment
  • Example 2 – Copy-editing Academic Writing plus self-assessment assignment
  • Writing Exercise 3.1: Copy-Edit a news snippet from an entertainment magazine on screen
  • Writing Exercise 3.2: Copy-Edit a section of fiction text on screen

Module 4 - Proofreading in Practice

  • Introduction
  • Proofreading Symbols
  • Example 1: On-screen Proofread plus self-assessment assignment
  • Example 2: Hard-copy Proofread plus self-assessment assignment
  • Example 3: Marked-up PDF
  • Writing Exercise 4.1: Proofread a section of text on screen
  • Writing Exercise 4.2: Proofread a section of text on paper

Module 5 - Polishing Your Skills

  • Introduction
  • Writing Exercise 5.1
  • Writing Exercise 5.2
  • Writing Exercise 5.3
  • Where to look for work
  • What to charge
  • How to invoice



“I really enjoyed the course and found it challenging in a positive way. I have learnt new skills which I can apply to my job.”

Aleksandra Mijovic, Copy-editing and Proofreading Course




How does the course work?


Detailed class notes covering the content of each module are e-mailed to students. At the end of each module, students will be required to complete several writing exercises. Once the writing assignment has been completed and e-mailed to the lecturer, an assessment and feedback will be sent to the student, and the module will be considered complete.


Conditions of Certification:

Students will receive an NZ Writers College Certificate upon successful completion of the course, provided they meet the following conditions:

  • Students must have completed all 23 assignments.
  • Students are expected to attain a minimum average of 50% for the course.
  • The course must have been completed within five months of registration.

Need more advice about the best course for you?

We would love to chat to you if you have any questions about our writing courses.

If you need some advice about the best course or writing field for you, drop us a line or give Koos or Nichola a call at 09 550 4635. We can tell you about going rates in the field, chance of publishing success and general writing career options both in New Zealand and internationally.


  • If you have questions about how we work, we have information in our FAQ section and How We Train section.
  • If you want to pay off your course fee, please read the information here.
  • For information on our refund policy, please read our policies here.
  • To register for the course, please click here:

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Feedback on this course from past students


"Rosemary is always prompt and fair, easy to understand - an excellent tutor. Excellent clarity and details of explanations and feedback. Excellent applicability of course content to industry." Fiona Corcoran, Proofreading and Copy-editing Course

“This course was more challenging than I expected. When I told my mother (a sub-editor) this, she replied icily: ‘If it were easy, anyone could do it!"’ while giving me the hairy eyeball.... My tutor was excellent: approachable, prompt and very well restrained.” Daniel Bristow, Copy-editing and Proofreading Course

“I thoroughly enjoyed this challenging course and was sorry to complete it! I had an excellent tutor. He was super quick, useful and gave constructive feedback. I would definitely recommend The Writers’ College to others for its excellent customer service, tutors and courses. Thank you so much.” Annalie Sieberhagen, Proofreading and Copy-editing Course

"This is the second course I've done with the college. The material is thorough and the lecturers are always prompt in their feedback and they always give motivating comments. The course was challenging and I learned a lot about copy-editing and proofreading." Corrina Coetzer, Copy-editing and Proofreading Course

“I really enjoyed the course and found it challenging in a positive way. I have learnt new skills which I can apply in my job and which enhance my performance. [My tutor’s] comments were always fair and communicated in a positive way. The turnaround of results was quick and his explanations clear and to the point. An excellent source of information, education and up-skilling resources for writing professionals in any media.” Aleksandra Mijovic-Cirilovic, Copy-editing and Proofreading

“I enjoyed the course but found it very difficult in the beginning. I did improve as I started to get into it and believe I will improve the more I proofread. My tutor was very kind and understanding – I am an amateur at this and he did not make me feel like I should not be attempting this course. I enjoyed the professionalism and the ease at which the course can be taken.” Lulu Barnard, Copy-editing and Proofreading Course
“Doing the course was an awesome experience. I have learned a lot! My tutor Louis was very good. He gave constructive criticism and was very clear about where I could improve; he was always prompt on replies and feedback. I will definitely consider doing another course – I’m still deciding which one. The course was interesting and not as easy as I thought, but I like a challenge and enjoyed it immensely.” Marli van Rooyen, Proofreading and Copy-Editing


More Testimonials Here




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