Meet Our Tutors

We are extremely proud of our tutoring team at NZ Writers College.

Our writing tutors are full-time, professional writers who have won many writing awards, including Qantas Awards, Commonwealth Writers’ Prizes, Montana New Zealand Book Awards, the Reed Fiction Award, Philip K Dick Memorial Award and the Arthur C Clarke Award.

They are passionate about writing and, at the same time, are warm, supportive teachers with years of understanding and experience in assessing writing.

Fiona Ingram

Fiona Ingram tutors the Novel Course and the Advanced Novel Course.

Rosemary Hepozden Grammar for Writers tutor at The Writers College

Rosemary Hepözden

Auckland-based Rosemary Hepözden tutors the English Grammar for Writers course and the Copy-editing and Proofreading course.


Ewan McDonald

Ewan McDonald tutors the Travel Writing Course, the Freelance Journalism Course and the Advanced Journalism Course.

Creative Writing Course tutor at NZ Writers College Andrew Salmon

Andrew Salomon

Award-winning novelist Andrew Salomon tutors several of our fiction writing courses.

Nadine Todd tutors the Business Writing Toolkit Course at The Writers College

Nadine von Moltke-Todd

Nadine von Moltke-Todd tutors the Business Writing Toolkit

Writing for Video games course tutor Paul Dunn at the Writers College

Paul Dunn

Paul Dunn tutors the Writing for Video Games Course

Advanced Poetry Course Tutor Arja Salafranca at The Writers College

Arja Salafranca

Award-winning poet Arja Salafranca tutors the Introduction to Poetry Course.

grammar skillss course at the writers college

Marian Michaux

Marian Michaux tutors the Grammar Skills Course.

Helen brain creative writing tutor at The Writers College

Helen Brain

Award-winning author Helen Brain tutors several of our Creative Writing Courses.

Writing Short Stories for Magazines Course at the Writers College Ginny Swart

Ginny Swart

Award-winning author of over 700 published short stories, Ginny Swart tutors the Short Story Writing for Magazines Course.

Copyediting and proofreading course at the Writers College Di Smith tutor

Di Smith

Di Smith tutors the Copy-editing and Proofreading course.

Donna Dailey Travel Writing and journalism tutor at The Writers College

Donna Dailey

The award-winning writer Donna Dailey tutors the Freelance Journalism for Magazines and Webzines Course and the Travel Writing Course.

business writing courses at The Writers College

Susan Williams

Susan Williams tutors several of the Business Writing Courses.

Copywriting tutor at NZ Writers College

Amy Tjasink

Award-winning copywriter Amy Tjasink tutors the Copywriting Course.

Press Release and Media Writing Course tutor Fiona Walsh

Fiona Walsh

Fiona Walsh tutors the Writing Articles for Websites and Blogs Course and the Press Release and Media Writing Course.

Sarah Lang tutor at NZ Writers College freelance journalism course

Sarah Lang

Sarah Lang tutors the Freelance Journalism Course

Creative writing tutor at the Writers College, Sonny Whitelaw

Sonny Whitelaw

Award-winning author Sonny Whitelaw tutors the Write a Novel Course, the Literary Short and Flash Fiction Course, and the Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy Course.

Lorraine Forrest-Turner tutor for SEO Web Copy

Lorraine Forrest-Turner

Lorraine Forrest-Turner tutors the Writing SEO Copy for Websites Course

Alex smith creative writing tutor at the writers college

Alex Smith

Award-winning novelist Alex Smith tutors the Write a Novel and Literary Short Story Course.

Copywriting tutor at NZ Writers College

Jana du Plessis Müller

Award-winning copywriter Jana du Plessis Müller tutors the Copywriting Course.

Tania Hutley Tutor forThe Writers' Marketing and Publishing Toolkit

Tania Hutley

Award-winning novelist Tania Hutley tutors the Write a Novel Course and the Write a Romance Novel Course.