Browse through our full list of writing courses on offer in 2024/25

Browse through our full list of writing courses on offer in 2024/25

Creative Writing Courses


Work with an award-winning writer and get line-by-line support, encouragement and mentoring on our creative writing courses.

These writing courses allow you to flex your creative muscle and stretch your imagination. Learn how to invent fictional worlds that enthral your reader through character, setting, and plot.

Basics of Creative Writing

Master the basic skills required for all forms of creative writing. Practise your writing in dozens of fun exercises in this four-month writing course.

Advanced Creative Writing

Our Advanced Creative Writing Course builds on the skills you acquired in the Basics of Creative Writing Course. Use these skills in more sophisticated ways to achieve mature, polished writing.

Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy Course

Gain the skills required to write any form of speculative fiction – from novels and short stories, to scripts and video games.

Write a Novel

Tutored by award-winning novelists, you’ll get personalised feedback and support for every chapter that you write.

Write a Romance Novel

Realise your dream of writing a romance novel. Fast-track your progress with one-to-one mentoring by a multi-award winning author, Tania Hutley.

Advanced Novel Writing

The first chapters of your manuscript are complete and your proposal has been written. What now? This course is designed to get you to the final word.


Write and sell your own stage play, radio play or movie script. This course will guide you from your big idea to the saleable finished product.

Advanced Scriptwriting

This advanced writing course provides all the support and structure you need to develop a complete script for film, stage or a TV series.

Writing for Video Games

This ten-module course teaches you how to write dialogue, concept documents, in-game text and the host of other narrative assets that you'll find in video games.

Short Story

In this course, we provide the tools you need to write compelling short stories. We also share tips on how to get them published in print and online journals.

Advanced Short Story Writing

Our Advanced Short Story Writing Course is designed to help you write a collection of short stories for a personal anthology. (Conditions apply.)

An Introduction to Poetry

This online course teaching you the basic skills of poetry, including line length, figures of speech, metered verse, tone, imagery and lyrics.


Our Advanced Poetry Course will take you a step further on your journey towards mastering the craft of poetry.

Write a Book for Children | Part One

You're about to enter the exciting world of writing for children. This potentially lucrative market is always open to new writers who have cracked the code of what inspires children.

Write a Book for Children | Part Two

This follow-on course from Writing Books for Children (Part One) will provide the tools and support you need to complete your chapter book for 7- to12-year-olds.

Write Your

This course offers expert, one-to-one training by a professional writer to give you a solid foundation in the craft of memoir writing.


This follow-on course from our Write Your Memoir Course will provide the tools and support you need to complete your manuscript.

Journalism Courses


These courses prepare you for a career in journalism, either as an in-house writer or as a freelancer.

Under the guidance of a professional, award-winning journalist, learn to generate newsworthy angles, write and edit feature stories, submit stories and invoice correctly.

Freelance Journalism for Magazines and Webzines

Everything you need to write articles for print magazines and digital media – plus the chance to get published!

Writing Articles for Websites and Blogs

Whether you want to earn an income from writing web articles, content for your blog or digital media for your employer, we will teach you the skills you need to write articles that stand out.


Learn how to write travel articles for leading local and international publications, and produce a publishable travel piece.

Advanced Freelance Journalism

This exciting journalism course offers you the chance to write three publishable magazine articles with specialist supervision from well-known journalists.

Write a Non-Fiction Book

This ten-module online writing course will help you write a non-fiction book. Benefit from ongoing support and detailed feedback on your manuscript-in-progress

Business and Grammar Courses


Our online business and grammar courses teach you to write flawless documents for the workplace, from e-mails to business reports.

English Grammar for Beginners

Brush up your grammar skills in this rigorous training course. Perfect for students, entry-level employees and anyone who has English as a second language.

Advanced English Grammar

Comprehensive, challenging and practical, this course aims to untangle the rules of grammar so that you can identify and eliminate writing errors you may have been making for years.

Mastering Punctuation

This course provides definitive instruction in the use of commas, quotation marks, colons and other important punctuation required for crafting good writing.

Business Writing Toolkit

Learn the most important business writing skills you need. This seven-module course will make a difference to your written communication skills and boost your writing confidence.

Writing Coach Course

This course covers a wide range of writing styles that are used in everyday situations. Learn how to create strategic impact with words and well-organised material with confidence.

Report Writing and Presentation

This course is essential for technical specialists or managers whose career growth depends on being effective and persuasive as a business report writer.

Write Better Newsletters

Learn to write enjoyable, informative news articles for the workplace. Let us help you come up with great topics, do effective research and produce well-written articles ready for submission.

Specialist Courses


Our specialist writing courses teach you the writing skills you need for a career in the burgeoning markets of copy-editing and proofreading, press release writing, social media marketing, copywriting and web writing. We also cover writing for SEO and self-publishing.

Copy-editing and Proofreading

A rigorous course for language practitioners to enable them to make informed, consistent and confident decisions in their copy-editing and proofreading.

Writing SEO Copy for Websites

This course teaches you how to write web pages using the latest SEO skills. Learn how to make an impact with your writing and attract the right readers/ customers to your website.

Press Release and Media Writing

Learn the writing skills demanded by the challenging and burgeoning field of public relations, and write a saleable press release.


Learn how to develop effective advertising ideas, and hone your skills as a writer to communicate them in a relevant and rewarding way.

Self-Publish Your e-Book

Thanks to digital media and e-readers, never before has the publishing arena been more exciting and accessible to new and established authors who want to self-publish.

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