English 1st Language vs English 2nd Language

Written English is a complex language to master. It is a huge area of ongoing study with students at different levels of skill. We answer some of the questions you might have, but please contact us if you are unsure about the best course for you.


Who is the English Grammar for Writers Course (English 1st Language) aimed at?

Anyone who grew up speaking English as their primary language at home is classified as an English First Language speaker.

Our Grammar for Writers Courses will suit anyone who wants to correct faulty grammar, streamline their writing and clarify their message.

Our Grammar for Writers Courses have been written by a professional writer and English lecturer, and will benefit university students, employees and working writers.

Who is the Grammar Skills Course (English 2nd Language) aimed at?

This course is aimed at people who primarily spoke a language other than English when they were growing up (i.e. Mandarin, Afrikaans, German, French etc). This course is simpler to follow, but covers every major area of English Grammar. Completed over 12 months, the course aims to improve your English writing.


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