Youth Scriptwriting Competition



Congratulations to our winners in the 2018 Youth Scriptwriting Competition.

Aimed at 15 to 20-year-olds, we were impressed by the calibre of the scripts. The PSAs were engaging, kept to the brief, and sent a clear message around the 2018 theme - the issue of affirmative sexual consent.


Well done to our winners
in both categories.

Winner of the Script plus Video Category -
Emma Brown and Emma Coleman

Winner of Script Only Category –
Daniel Meech

Runner-up of the Script plus Video Category -
Kaylen Hojdelewicz

Runner-up of the Script Only Category -
Alex Jensen


Third Place in the Script plus Video Category goes to
Flora Fan (Watch her PSA clip here).

Matthew Thompson takes third place in the Script Only Category.



The judges’ comments:

A huge thank you to our judges this year: Paul Dunn and Karen Jeynes.


First Place (Script plus video category)


Emma Brown and Emma Coleman


 Watch their PSA clip here

Judges’ comments
  • You've gone for a strong analogy, although at a certain point I feel like the analogy took over from the clarity of the message. Perhaps also if you'd stuck to one situation, rather than two, you would have been able to deliver the message in a more simple fashion. This felt like potentially two PSAs rolled into one. However, it was memorable and impactful. Karen
  • Good concept, and nice execution of an interesting idea. The quote anchors it well, though the metaphor could have been used more strongly in the second scene. The rapid intercuts at the end lose some of the impact - might have been better to show both victims 'beat up' at the end to emphasise the message. Great last line. Paul


First Place (Script only category)


Daniel Meech


Read the script here

Judges’ comments
  • I thoroughly enjoyed this. It's got a clear message, and is talking directly to men, through male characters, which is novel for a PSA on this topic. I think it’s an excellent approach. The script is well structured, and builds very well towards the main point, and message. Karen
  • Great concept and well executed. Very Kiwi approach, relatable context, clear examples with build up to punchline. Very clear and well-related last line. Likeable characters, good and believable relationships that develop and lead to conclusion. Possibly doesn't cover the whole gamut of consent issues, but what it covers, it does well. Paul



Runner-up (Script plus video category)


Kaylen Hojdelewicz


Watch the PSA clip here

Judges’ comments
  • I love the simplicity and the naive approach. I think though that you need to be crystal clear around the moment of being asleep: that needs to be differentiated more clearly, that she can't give consent when she's asleep. With a bit of refinement this would be a wonderful approach for teaching consent to younger people. Karen
  • Narrator is a little heavy handed - very 'tell' not 'show.' Cupcakes concept could be played on more, more visual storytelling to set storybook scene, and more examples created where boy tries to get the cupcake without consent. Good premise. Final lines could be conflated into one - Sexual consent - anything other than a yes means no! Paul


Runner-up (Script only category)


Alex Jensen


Read the script here

Judges’ comments
  • I admire the attempt here, particularly to convey the acronym which hopefully will be memorable. Unfortunately I think that the script is long, and spends a lot of time before you get to the consent element. I'd come in quicker, and make everything shorter and punchier. Also the script itself is written in a confusing way - be consistent with your character names, for example, and describe the situation/actions more clearly. Karen
  • Kiwi, great acronym (borrowed though from Planned Parenthood) but a little heavy on the exposition (Harper's protests are too explicit, too lengthy, too tell-y). Good context and metaphor (fast food order and meal). Third party 'stranger' interrupting seems a little weird – especially in this context. Would have been better to intercut James' explanation with the scenario playing out before/beside/behind him at restaurant, as two interwoven narratives on the same subject, one explaining and the other demonstrating. Paul

Honourable Mention:

Isabel Chen, Phoebe Telfar, Elise Sadlier


Karen Jeynes Scriptwriting tutorKaren Jeynes is the head writer for Both Worlds Productions, overseeing ZANews: Puppet Nation (winner of 22 SAFTAs, two WGSA awards for Best TV Comedy, and two-time International Emmy Nominee for Best TV Comedy), as well as Point of Order (SAFTA winner for Best Game Show in 2017), Comedy Central News, and Parlement Parlement, and other projects in development.

Karen also freelances for online and print media, and lectures and consults in Digital Culture and playwriting.

Karen tutors the Scriptwriting course at NZ Writers College. Details here>


Paul DunnPaul Dunn is a narrative designer - passionate about video games and the stories they tell.

Paul's writing background is diverse. He has worked in the communications industry for over a decade, creating video and digital media for not-for-profits, crafting online articles and blogs, and producing marketing content for software companies. He has a deep appreciation for how our digital culture shapes and employs narratives and sees the interactive nature of games as an exciting evolution of storytelling.

Paul has a BA in Media Studies from Massey University and is a freelance narrative designer in Auckland, New Zealand


Paul tutors the Writing for Video Games course at NZ Writers College. Details here>

THEME:    Yes Means Yes

  • Script only
  • Script plus completed video

  • $1 000.00 for the winning script plus YouTube video (Category: Script plus Video)
  • $ 500.00 for the winning script (Category: Script only)


Need some inspiration?

Watch these samples from overseas PSAs: - Campus Clarity - Tea Consent (Copyright © 2015 Emmeline May and Blue Seat Studios)



  • Only e-mail submissions are acceptable, with scripts attached as PDF Documents. Mark your entry clearly with the subject line: NZWC Youth Scriptwriting Competition.
  • We recommend using the free scriptwriting software from Amazon to create a professional finished product:
  • Entrants in the 'Script plus Video' category must provide a URL to their uploaded YouTube video. The YouTube video title must include a reference to the theme 'Yes Means Yes'.

  • Entrants must be 15 to 20 years old, and residents of New Zealand.
  • Entrant(s) can enter as a group or as an individual. The prize money will be split equally among group members.
  • Prize payment is by electronic transfer.
  • Entrants can enter in one of two categories: 'Script only', or 'Script plus Video'. We are offering one prize only in each category: $500 (script) and $1000 (script plus video clip)
  • Only one script and/or video per entrant/group is allowed.
  • We only accept entries written in English.
  • Prizewinners will be notified via email as well as on our website; please ensure you supply a valid email address with your entry.
  • Material submitted must be original; we have zero tolerance for plagiarism. Entrants must thus own full copyright of the script.
  • Writers retain copyright, but give permission for their work to be displayed on our website.
  • The judges' decision is final; no disputes will be entered into.
  • All submissions and enquiries can be sent to Nichola Meyer:
  • If your entry has not been acknowledged within three working days, please contact us as your email may have got lost in transit.
  • NZ Writers College reserves the right to extend the competition deadline, or cancel the competition should the entries not be of publishable quality or up to the required standard.