Writing Careers: Types of Writing Jobs that Can Earn You Money

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Writing Careers: Types of Writing Jobs that Can Earn You Money By DANIELLE RAMAEKERS If you think being a writer involves conjuring up characters and plots and sipping a cappuccino at the local café, well, you’re only partly right. A writing career comes with as many options as your choice of morning cuppa. Read on to discover […]

Magazine Journalism Course Success: Ansie Van Der Walt

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Ansie van der Walt completed the Magazine Journalism Course at SA Writers College. Apart from working at her new job as assistant editor at an Australian publishing house, Ansie writes for her blog, and her published writing can be viewed at www.ansievanderwalt.com. She’s also the originator of the African Flower Chain Project, where she ‘planted’ 30 hand-made African flowers across […]

Ian Middleton’s Magazine Journalism Success Story

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Ian Middleton completed the Magazine Journalism Course at NZ Writers College with distinction in 2018. While he waits to hear whether his article he wrote on the course will be accepted for publication, Ian submitted two more articles to New Zealand outdoor adventure magazines, and got both accepted. We catch up with him to hear […]