Helen Brain

Helen Brain is the prolific, award-winning author of over 50 children’s books.

She has contributed stories and plays to numerous school anthologies. She has also published several short stories for adults.

Her teen novel ‘Tamara’ won an Afrikaans Language and Culture Association (AKTV) award, and her critically acclaimed memoir ‘Here Be Lions’ was published by Oshun in 2006.

Helen tutors the popular Basics of Creative Writing Course as well as the Write a Children’s Book Course.


‘Once again, high-value learning and no fillers. The perfect next step from the Basics of Creative Writing. Helen Brain coaches you to achieve more than you ever thought you could.’ Tae Richardson, Advanced Creative Writing Course

‘A rich learning experience with superb support from Helen and the team. Well worth the money.’ Sharon Whitehead, Advanced Creative Writing Course

‘I would do it all over again in a flash if I could. I loved the course. It was challenging and I learnt new writing skills. Helen was super supportive and encouraging and whenever I had a mental blank she was always there to help me through those situations with constructive help. Very positive and encouraging.’ Sandra Hiakita, Write a Children’s Book – Part 1 Course

‘This was a fantastic experience all round. Helen has provided only constructive and brilliant feedback that helped me immensely in completing the different exercises. The course is easy to understand and very insightful for aspiring writers. Absolutely awesome and eye-opening experience.’ Estelle Thurtle, Advanced Creative Writing Course

‘I found this course exciting with a natural flow that made me always feel comfortable with what I had to do, even though I was always as nervous as hell. Helen is amazing; it is her calling to nurture and guide people who want to write professionally.’ Stephen Carlton, Basics of Creative Writing Course