The Grammar for Writers Course (English 1st Language)

Learn How to Write Well.

Master English grammar, punctuation and style in one course

The Grammar for Writers Course doesn't just help writers gain confidence in the rules of grammar, but also helps with writing style.

This comprehensive programme will help you eliminate common grammatical errors, perfect your punctuation and structure sentences with ease.

You will receive expert guidance and personalised feedback on all assignments from your tutor.

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This Course Gives You...

Expert, Individual Feedback

Get prompt, honest, detailed feedback on every assignment from an award-winning writer. We focus on your unique writing strengths.

No Peer Reviews!

You will only be assessed by your tutor, a leader in their field. No more guessing and wondering how to write; you'll be guided line by line.

No Automated Marking

We use traditional methods of assessing work, as editors at publishing houses would. No generic feedback!

A Flexible Schedule

Work wherever and whenever you want. You can easily fit our courses around work and other commitments.

Relevant, Usable Content

Easy-to-digest course notes that capture a lifetime of writing experience, ready for you to apply to your own writing.

Ongoing Assessment

Your writing is assessed continuously as your course progresses.

Perfect the Rules of English Grammar

Streamline your writing under the expert supervision of a professional editor

This practical course aims to help you break bad writing habits and give you a deeper understanding of the rules of English grammar.

Your tutor will guide you through 80 writing assignments, providing detailed course notes and in-depth personalised feedback throughout.

Regardless of your level of expertise, any writer with an interest in improving the quality of their writing stands to benefit from this course.

With guidance and feedback from a professional editor, learn how to:

  • correct faulty grammar
  • master the rules of grammar
  • streamline your writing
  • clarify your message
  • gain confidence in your writing
Perfect the Rules of English Grammar
  • 'Rosemary is a wonderful lecturer. Through her depth of knowledge and enthusiasm, she made a difficult subject interesting and fun. That’s very hard to do! Excellent content.'

Course Overview

Start your course at any time – applications open all year round.



Price includes GST/VAT


These modules include around 340 pages of course notes.



The assignments vary in length.



Work at your own pace - up to a maximum of SIX months.


Start Date:


Working with an individual tutor means you can start the course at any time.

Admission Requirements:

Basic writing skills are essential.
Computer skills, e-mail and Internet access required.
No previous tertiary qualification required.


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Tutor for this course

Rosemary Hepozden

Rosemary Hepozden has three decades of editing, writing and teaching experience.

As an editor, she has worked as a freelancer as well as in-house for book publishers in Canada and New Zealand (Fitzhenry & Whiteside, Crabtree Publishing, Hodder Moa Beckett and, indirectly, for Continuum, Radcliffe Publishing and Taylor & Francis).

She also has 14 years of experience in magazine publishing - as an editor, sub-editor, proofreader and staff writer for a range of consumer and trade titles.

Between 2006 and 2011, she taught several courses at the University of Auckland's Centre for Continuing Education, including Working With Words (an introduction to editing and proofreading) and Getting to Grips With Grammar.

Rosemary is also the author of four non-fiction books. Her book, Instant Kiwi, was released by New Holland Publishers in June 2014.

Course Curriculum

Module 1

Parts of Speech
  • Includes a 50-page course manual
  • Reading and revision time: Four hours or more
  • Writing time: Seven hours or more
  • 18 assignments

Topics covered include:

  • Nouns: Give it a name
  • Pronouns: Take your place
  • Verbs: Do it, be it, feel it
  • Adverbs: How do you like it?
  • Adjectives: What's it like?
  • Articles: Three little words
  • Prepositions: State your position

Module 2

English Grammar for Writers Part 1
  • Includes a 90-page course manual
  • Reading and revision time: Six hours or more
  • Writing time: Ten hours or more
  • 19 assignments

Topics covered include:

  • When to use 'a' or 'an'
  • Working with the past tense
  • Know the active from the passive voice
  • 100 words commonly confused

Module 3

English Grammar for Writers Part 2
  • Includes a 110-page course manual
  • Reading and revision time: Six hours or more
  • Writing time: Ten hours or more
  • 26 assignments

Topics covered include:

  • Correct subject-verb agreement
  • Correct pronoun-antecedent agreement
  • Which to use: Who or whom, less or fewer, - which or that, amount or number?
  • Use the correct mood of the verb
  • Manage your modifiers

Module 4

English Grammar for Writers Part 3
  • Includes a 100-page course manual
  • Reading and revision time: Six hours or more
  • Writing time: Ten hours or more
  • 17 assignments

What Our Students Say

  • Grammar for Writers Course

    The course was very good, and the material was clear and well-presented. Rosemary Hepözden was an excellent tutor. She was very friendly and encouraging, and my marked assignments were returned to me at exceptional speed! Her responses were always helpful and motivational, and she was always eager to push me to succeed. I achieved excellent results, and I have Rosemary to thank for that. I learnt a great deal throughout this experience and will be using my new skills as a foundation for further study. I’m quite happy recommending this course to any writer who seeks to polish their grammar skills.

  • Grammar for Writers Course

    The course was really good. My tutor Rosemary was really prompt with clarifications, explanations and marking the assignments. She was exceptionally kind, encouraging and approachable; I didn’t hesitate, even once, in asking her for explanations. I learnt a lot, especially the minute details of punctuation and grammar. The course notes explained the grammar rules in a simple, structured way. The best thing about this course was the flexible time. I didn’t have to wait for a certain time or person to finish the parts of the course, and I could finish this course in two months. Although I have a long way to go, this course has given me a head start in writing. I thank The Writers College and Rosemary for making this course a delightful and a pleasant experience.

  • Grammar for Writers Course

    The course was structured logically and clearly. Feedback was speedy. The course was pretty challenging – it certainly made you think and pay attention. Rosemary Hepözden was excellent and provided positive reinforcement all the way, and had an answer to all of my random queries.

  • Grammar for Writers Course

    Rosemary was an excellent tutor! She was fast in her corrections and gave back plenty of feedback when my answers were wrong. Thanks for your dedication and passion. Learning has been way easier with your help. Material has the perfect mix between grammar description, practical exercises and updated examples. Tutors are passionate and fast responding.

  • Grammar for Writers Course

    Rosemary was an excellent tutor. Her feedback was clear, informative and positive. My experience with the Writers College has been very positive; registration was quick and efficient, as well as contact from my tutor. I have only good things to say about the college and I would recommend it to future students.

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Lifetime Course Access

Benefit from free lifetime access to future course updates and access to our writing resources.

Join a Community of Writers

You will have access to our friendly Facebook community, daily writing tips and writing inspiration.

500+ Bonus Articles on Our Blog

A superb, constantly updated resource with articles on writing and interviews with writers.

Work at Your Own Pace

Our courses work around you. You can pace your course around your busy life.

Work Opportunities

Top students are invited to join our writers and editors for hire service.

Be the First to Know About Writing Competitions

We'll help you keep up to date with the latest competition announcements

Risk-Free 100% Money-Back Guarantee

We are so confident that you will love your course that if you're not 100% satisfied with the quality of our training, simply ask for a refund within 30 days.

Terms and Conditions

Complete the Application Form to Enrol on the Grammar for Writers Course

You will receive an approval email and invoice within one working day.

  • Female
  • This is in case your primary email address bounces or is undeliverable.

Questions? We've Got Answers

How does the course work?

Detailed course notes covering the content of each module will be emailed to you.

At the end of each module, you will be required to complete several writing exercises. Once the writing assignments have been completed and emailed to your tutor, you will receive an assessment and feedback, and the module will be considered complete.

Is it interactive? Can I ask my tutor questions?

Absolutely. You have direct communication with your tutor for the duration of the course. The more questions you ask, the more you will get out of the course.

For how long will I get access to the course?

You will get lifetime access to the course, and you'll benefit from all future updates and improvements to the course.

Will anyone else see my work?

For the majority of our courses, only your tutor will see your work. Your work will remain completely private unless you get it published. In the journalism courses, your work might be published in the public domain, but you do have the final say as to whether or not it is published.

What are the conditions of certification?

Students will receive a Writers College Certificate upon successful completion of the course, provided they meet the following conditions:

  • Students must complete all writing assignments
  • The course must be completed within six months of registration
  • Students are expected to attain a minimum average of 50% for the course
What are the admission requirements?
  • Basic writing skills are essential.
  • Basic computer skills, as well as email and Internet access are required.
  • No previous tertiary qualification is required.
When can I start a course?

Because you will work with an individual tutor, you can apply for a course and start as soon as you want to. There are no specific start dates as would be the case with a traditional college.

An application is usually approved within one working day. Once we see proof of payment, your course will start.

You could be starting your course today!

What is the minimum estimated time commitment?
  • Reading time: 15 hours
  • Writing time: Up to 25 hours

You are welcome to finish the course sooner if you want to, but we wouldn't want you to rush the process too much!

When will I get access to the course?

Once your application has been approved, you will receive notice of approval and an invoice via email. As soon as we see proof of payment, you will receive the first module. We will also send you your tutor's email address and your login details. Your tutor will also be in touch to welcome you.

Who owns the rights to the work I produce?

Any work you create on our courses is owned by you. We will never make a claim to anything you produce. We follow the rule that copyright subsists with the creator (you).

  • 'This is one of the best courses I have done through The Writers College. This experience has been a joy for me. It helped me achieve my goals and cement a solid base of knowledge that I can use in my career going forward.'

Got More Questions?

We would love to help you choose the best course for you. Tell us what style of writing you want to develop and we'll give you some options.

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