Writing SEO Copy for Websites Course

Become a Web Copywriter!

Learn how to write compelling, search engine optimised content for websites

The Writing SEO Copy for Websites Course teaches you how to write compelling copy that attracts and engages website visitors. Be at the forefront of this exciting writing field in New Zealand.

A web copywriter knows how to write effective content for the different pages of a website and understands the vital importance of keyword placement and SEO-friendly headlines.

The Writing SEO Copy for Websites Course is for you if you want to know how to

  • create killer copy for a Home page, with everything in the right place and a clear call to action.
  • write an About Us page that engages your client or customer.
  • write a Service page or a Product page that can lead to a sale.
  • earn money as a freelance web copywriter.
  • be your own boss as a freelancer working for clients around the world.
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This Course Gives You...

Expert, Individual Feedback

Get prompt, honest, detailed feedback on every assignment from an award-winning writer. We focus on your unique writing strengths.

No Peer Reviews!

You will only be assessed by your tutor, a leader in their field. No more guessing and wondering how to write; you'll be guided line by line.

No Automated Marking

We use traditional methods of assessing work, as editors at publishing houses would. No generic feedback!

A Flexible Schedule

Work wherever and whenever you want. You can easily fit our courses around work and other commitments.

Relevant, Usable Content

Easy-to-digest course notes that capture a lifetime of writing experience, ready for you to apply to your own writing.

Ongoing Assessment

Your writing is assessed continuously as your course progresses.

A Fast, Efficient Way to Get the Web Writing Training You Need

Master web writing techniques and SEO tools

The Writing SEO Copy for Websites Course teaches you how to produce effective website copy so that your website ranks higher in search engine results.

Over six modules, you will learn effective SEO strategies that will help you write compelling headlines, powerful calls to action and engaging content.

All websites have a number of static pages that need to be well written, such as landing pages and product pages, among others. This course aims to give you the skills needed to make these pages relevant to your audience and to search engine results.

In this course, you will learn:

  • effective SEO practices
  • how to identify and write for your target audience
  • how to drive relevant traffic to your landing page
  • how to write excellent copy for landing pages, home pages and about us pages, among others the basics of copywriting

Note: this course will teach you how to write excellent content for static pages. If you want to learn how to produce content for blogs and online sites, see the following specialist courses on offer at The Writers College: Writing Articles for Websites and Blogs or Freelance Journalism.

A Fast, Efficient Way to Get the Web Writing Training You Need
  • 'Informative and well-executed course that is easy to fit into a busy schedule. Lorraine was simply brilliant! I really enjoyed receiving her feedback and can already see the improvements in my work as a result of this course.'

Course Overview

Start your course at any time – applications open all year round.



Price includes GST/VAT


These modules include around 100 pages of course notes.



The assignments vary in length.



Work at your own pace - up to a maximum of six months.


Start Date:


Working with an individual tutor means you can start the course at any time.

Admission Requirements:

Basic writing skills are essential.
Computer skills, e-mail and Internet access required.
No previous tertiary qualification required.


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Tutor for this course

Lorraine Forrest-Turner

Lorraine Forrest-Turner is a highly experienced freelance copywriter and communication skills trainer.

She has worked on all sides of the words business, from publishing and journalism to marketing communications. She specialises in business and marketing copy and has worked with companies such as BMW, AkzoNobel, 3M and the National Health Service. She also writes and delivers training and coaching programmes on writing web content, press releases, magazine articles, business copy, grammar and proofreading.

Lorraine is a member of the Professional Copywriters Network, the Chartered Institute of Public Relations, the Public Relations Consultants Association and Slough Writers Group. She hails from Aberdeen but has lived in Berkshire and Buckinghamshire most of her adult life.

Course Curriculum

Module 1

Getting the Basics of Web Copy Right
  • Content or copy? Is there a difference?
  • Is online writing really different?
  • Why people use online platforms
  • How people read online content
  • How the way we read online affects the way we write for the web
  • Dealing with a 'dip in, dip out' audience
  • Different copy for different websites
  • 2 assignments

Module 2

Good Web Copywriting Practice
  • What is copywriting?
  • What makes it different from other forms of writing?
  • The 7 stages of effective copywriting - audience, objective, message, structure, style, drafting and editing
  • 2 assignments

Module 3

Different Web Copy for Different Web Pages
  • How websites have changed in recent years
  • Writing the home page
  • Writing the about us page
  • Examples of good home pages and about us pages
  • 2 assignments

Module 4

Different Web Copy for Different Web Pages (Continued)
  • Landing pages
  • Why do organisations use landing pages?
  • How to write a landing page
  • How to drive traffic to a landing page
  • 2 assignments

Module 5

Different Web Copy for Different Web Pages (Continued)
  • Products and services pages
  • FAQs
  • Case studies and/or testimonials
  • Information and advice pages
  • Creating news, articles and features pages
  • Writing contact pages
  • Careers, current jobs and recruitment pages
  • 3 assignments

Module 6

How to Write Web Copy That Appeals to Both Humans and Search Engines
  • What is SEO and what factors affect it?
  • What are keywords and how important are they in SEO?
  • Why writing good content is the best way to improve your SEO
  • Organic and paid-for searches
  • How to format copy for web pages
  • How to write good page titles, headlines and hyperlinked copy
  • 2 writing assignments

What Our Students Say

  • Writing SEO Copy for Websites Course

    I found the course intense, but enlightening. Lorraine is a wonderful tutor. She is firm, helpful and clearly very knowledgeable. I’ve learned a great deal from her, especially how to find a balance between creative and technical writing. She has honed my skills and made me feel a lot more confident in my writing. She never sugarcoated my struggles and adequately directed me towards successful applications.

  • Writing SEO Copy for Websites Course

    Excellent. Lorraine was wonderful to work with – great feedback and good communication.

  • Writing SEO Copy for Websites Course

    Lorraine is a fantastic tutor. She is encouraging. Her feedback is direct and constructive.

  • Writing SEO Copy for Websites Course

    It was a very thought-provoking and inspiring learning experience. Awesome tutor!

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Lifetime Course Access

Benefit from free lifetime access to future course updates and access to our writing resources.

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You will have access to our friendly Facebook community, daily writing tips and writing inspiration.

500+ Bonus Articles on Our Blog

A superb, constantly updated resource with articles on writing and interviews with writers.

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Our courses work around you. You can pace your course around your busy life.

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Terms and Conditions

Complete the Application Form to Enrol on the Writing SEO Copy for Websites Course

You will receive an approval email and invoice within one working day.

  • Female
  • This is in case your primary email address bounces or is undeliverable.

Questions? We've Got Answers

How does the course work?

The course consists of six modules. Detailed course notes covering the content of each module are emailed to you. At the end of each module, you will be required to complete writing exercises. In total, the course includes 13 short writing assignments, all of which count towards your final result.

Once the writing assignment has been completed and emailed to your tutor, an assessment and feedback will be sent to you and the module will be considered complete. You will then download the next module from the Student Centre.

Is it interactive? Can I ask my tutor questions?

Absolutely. You have direct communication with your tutor for the duration of the course. The more questions you ask, the more you will get out of the course.

For how long will I get access to the course?

You will get lifetime access to the course, and you'll benefit from all future updates and improvements to the course.

Will anyone else see my work?

For the majority of our courses, only your tutor will see your work. Your work will remain completely private unless you get it published. In the journalism courses, your work might be published in the public domain, but you do have the final say as to whether or not it is published.

What are the conditions of certification?

Students will receive a Writers College Certificate upon successful completion of the course, provided they meet the following conditions:

  • Students must complete all 13 writing assignments
  • The course must be completed within six months of registration
  • Students are expected to attain a minimum average of 50% for the course
What are the admission requirements?
  • Basic writing skills are essential.
  • Basic computer skills, as well as email and Internet access are required.
  • No previous tertiary qualification is required.
When can I start a course?

Because you will work with an individual tutor, you can apply for a course and start as soon as you want to. There are no specific start dates as would be the case with a traditional college.

An application is usually approved within one working day. Once we see proof of payment, your course will start.

You could be starting your course today!

What is the minimum estimated time commitment?

Reading time: 14 hours Writing time: 10-15 hours Research time: 5-10 hours, depending on the complexity and depth of the assignments

After studying the module notes, the exercises should take between one and three hours to complete.

When will I get access to the course?

Once your application has been approved, you will receive notice of approval and an invoice via email. As soon as we see proof of payment, you will receive the first module. We will also send you your tutor's email address and your login details. Your tutor will also be in touch to welcome you.

Who owns the rights to the work I produce?

Any work you create on our courses is owned by you. We will never make a claim to anything you produce. We follow the rule that copyright subsists with the creator (you).

Got More Questions?

We would love to help you choose the best course for you. Tell us what style of writing you want to develop and we'll give you some options.

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